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[UPDATED 11/20/14] The Beatles: Rock Band for RB3!

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#361 Shroud

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Posted November 1, 2019 - 05:15 AM

Hi guys
So I d/l all the TBRB songs that were available on fishy and the customs from the regular d/b. Much thanks to everyone involved(again).
When I was playing, Day Tripper ended, but the highway screen looped on the last note of the song. All the guitar buttons still sorked, and if you press the start key, you can end the song and get back to the menu to play another song. I did not think anything of it, except the next time I played Day Tripper the exact same ting happened.
So I played all the songs, and song combos(like the Abbey Road medley, and all the component songs, plus the duals) to see if there were any other ones affected.
Before I list them all, is it possible that either the d/l was corrupted for those songs or that ConTools spat out some minor incorrect output?
And if there is an issue, is anyone available to fix them.
thanks again

The "loop ending" is a known issue on PS3. I have created a thread in the troubleshooting section with a few solutions, and I also update a list there with known songs that have this problem, and what method fixes them. You are more than welcome to add your findings there! :)


If you have encountered this problem on Xbox or Wii then this is new to me.

#362 Spike1958

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Posted November 1, 2019 - 02:24 PM

Thanks Shroud. I went to the link(this is PS3), and when I get some time, I will apply the fix to the songs in question. There are 27 Beatles ones. Any others I will have to take note of while playing regularly. I tried to search for Day Tripper to see if there were any issues, but got nothing. If I had known that it was called loop-ending, I would have had more success in the search.

#363 Shroud

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Posted November 10, 2019 - 09:43 AM

Does anyone else have trouble downloading the Abbey Road Medley from the link in the table?

For some reason I always get Network Error after downloading about 70Mb out of 100Mb... I had no problems with other files.

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