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Snare drumroll with ghost and emphatic snare hits

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Not sure if the title has enough information but I'm basically charting a song that has a tricky drum roll section. It lasts about 30 seconds and you can very very clearly hear the emphatic snare hits on certain beats. The problem I am having is finding a way to chart those notes to make it stand out in order to match the audio. All snare notes are relatively quiet including triple hits following an emphatic snare hit.


Right now, I have the hard, emphatic hits marked as the kick bass so that I don't lose track of them. The song itself is only snares for the entirety of this section but the emphatic notes I have marked with a kick, are about 3 times as loud.



It also ends the entire section with 6 loud snares with a crash at the end. Should be pretty easy, but watching the preview, it looks strange because the quiet notes before it, carry the same pattern. I was experimenting with different tom hits to see if I could make it look natural and stand out more, but the snares are pretty obviously snare sounds.


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