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1st Chart. Looking for feedback! (Drums only)

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I plucked a song from the database that had a guitar only part, just to add drums and get my feet wet. The song didn't have a tempo map so I had to make one for it (the only reason I chose one that already had parts so I didn't have to tempo map it). I ended up getting an overall higher quality audio track to work with.


After I tempo mapped it, I made sure to line up the existing guitar track. I went through the song and charted drums by ear, picking up a few lessons from pksage's stream, official docs, and the pdf tutorial found on the site. Mainly, I had to learn to disco flip a section, which was fun.


I ended up redoing the practice sections, because with different audio and a tempo map, it didn't line up quite right and the original author missed some sections. I then reduced drum difficulties manually, according to the guidelines on the official docs. Added in overdrive, lining up a few parts to guitar for unison bonuses, and then created the drum fills. I added all animations for drummer, including every note, and the moods for the different parts (regular, intense). Venue was auto generated by Magma, as I only had the VENUE and [lighting ()] events.


I'm looking for feedback in how the drums part plays in game, and also if the steps I outlined above seem right. I really am limited to only doing drums, until my ear can better pick out other instruments, and I haven't taken the plunge to try to sort out the Venue manually. As my first custom, I would love some feedback!


The track is down below and it is "Hollywood Undead - Hear Me Now"




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