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Hey all.  First I want to give a big thank you to all the people who helped make RB customs possible.  The documentation is great, the community is helpful, and after making some custom attempts, I see that the amount of work that goes into this is enormous, even for just one song.  So to you I say thank you!

Now, on to my issue.  I've been starting my custom authoring education by converting phase shift files to RB3con.  There is a great tool called Onyx by Michael Tolly which I used to bulk convert a number of songs, but not everything went smoothly and some songs didn't convert.  So I'm going back now and learning by converting, getting my feet wet slowly.

I have a song which has harmony parts.  I've done the conversion in Reaper and built the file in Magma, but in the game it states that there are no harmony parts for this song.  I went back and double checked to make sure that I exported the harmony tracks to midi, and then went to Magma and made sure that the Harmony 2 and 3 parts had the check box by them (they didn't the first time) and built again.  Though that was going to fix it, but RB3 still says that there is no harmony part for the song.

I checked the vocal tutorial video, but that didn't go over authoring and exporting for harmonies.  I also checked the other documentation available and can't find what I'm doing incorrectly.

I am missing dryvocals tracks for the harmonies, and so I used the vocals track from the solo portion for the harmony dryvox.  Perhaps this is the problem?

Hoping for any help the community can provide.  Thanks in advance.

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