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Rock Band 3 10th Anniversary Multitrack Pack Trilogy - Elton John, Madonna & Michael Jackson!

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Hello everyone, and a Happy 10th Birthday to our favorite music game, Rock Band 3!

In 2008, I discovered Rock Band.  Despite being something of a guitar snob at the time (which I had no right to be, since I wasn't even good at playing a real guitar anyway), I was instantly hooked on the vocals and drums. I then came around to realize what everyone else already knew, that there's plenty of fun to be had playing 5-button guitar and bass, no matter how good (or bad) you are at the real thing.  But my favorite real instrument is the keyboard, and two years later, my dream came true: Rock Band with keys!  Not only that, we also got Rock Band with real guitar (or something very close to it), something that even the 2008 snobby me would have approved of.  Rock Band 3 may not have been the stratospheric success Harmonix wanted it to be, and most of us felt it deserved to be, but it was, is, and just might always will be the best music game the genre can offer.  (At least until Rock Band 5 brings keys back... I can dream, can't I?)

And now, here we are on the 10th anniversary of RB3's release.  Thanks to a thriving customs community that I am proud to be a part of, the best music game just keeps getting better.  With over 20,000 songs spanning genres no one would have ever expected in a music game, from J-pop to K-pop, from folk to EDM, from French to Russian, I'm willing to bet the community has checked off at least one song on every music gaming fan's list of favorites, if not a whole album or two!

For this 10th anniversary celebration, I have a little something new, and a little something old.  First, C3 founder farottone entrusted me with one of his unfinished customs, to which I have added keys and a bit of spit shine.  Then, since he gave me an inch, I went for a mile, and asked if he'd mind me upgrading some of his older customs with multitracks.  He agreed, and I am grateful to him for doing so!  And now, the first of three three-song packs is ready to go.  And the first artist to get the spotlight is Elton John!

First up are two customs originally by farottone, and then repackaged by me with genuine multitracks and a bit of the polish that multititracks make possible.


"Sacrifice" from the 1989 album Sleeping with the Past.  Grab the XBox 360 custom here!


"Tiny Dancer" from the 1971 album Madman across the Water.  Grab the XBox 360 custom here!

The third custom in this first pack is the only song in the entire trilogy without multitracks.  However, as long as people have been requesting and waiting for this song, I am fairly confident no one will mind. (edit: Thanks to Rocker1999, "Candle in the Wind" is multitracked as well!)  Originally charted by farottone and then given to me to complete the keys charts, here is...


"Candle in the Wind" from the 1973 album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.  Grab the XBox 360 custom here!


Go here for the second pack of the trilogy, featuring Madonna!  Go here for the third pack of the trilogy, featuring Michael Jackson!

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1 hour ago, manbeek said:

Just to be clear though, these aren't yet uploaded to the new database, correct?  I don't see them there at the moment, other than the older versions.

Thanks for these upgraded versions!

Candle in the Wind is in the database and for Sacrifice and Tiny Dancer, they were added in as an alternate link.

Look for the download that says "Rock Band 3 Xbox 360 (FujiSkunk)".



The cool thing about the updated database is that you can add an updated link to a pre-existing custom (look at the purple button). Hope this helps!

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  • FujiSkunk changed the title to Rock Band 3 10th Anniversary Multitrack Pack Trilogy, Part Two - Madonna!

The second pack of the Rock Band 3 10th Anniversary Multitrack Pack Trilogy is now here!  This time, the featured artist is Madonna!


"Holiday"!  In addition to the multitrack upgrade, this one now boasts the full six-minute album version and full three-part harmonies!  Grab it here.


"Like a Virgin"!  Grab it here.


My favorite Madonna song, "Live to Tell"!  Grab it here.

As a reminder, these are based on farottone's original releases, and a big thanks to him for letting me play with these.  When you visit each song's database page, the "FujiSkunk" link will be the new files, with farottone's original customs also available.

I still hope to have the third and final pack done before the end of the month.  Until then, I hope people enjoy these!

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  • FujiSkunk changed the title to Rock Band 3 10th Anniversary Multitrack Pack Trilogy, Part Three - Michael Jackson!

The third and final pack of the Rock Band 3 10th Anniversary Multitrack Pack Trilogy has arrived, and today we spotlight Michael Jackson!


"Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough"!  Grab it here.


"I Just Can't Stop Loving You"!  Grab it here.


"Smooth Criminal"!  Grab it here.


This concludes the trilogy... no wait!  WE'RE NOT DONE YET!

Thanks to Rocker1999, this release has turned into a true multitrack extravaganza, with every song getting genuine stems!  Now...


..."Candle in the Wind" is multitracked as well!  Grab the updated release here.

Hope y'all enjoy, and join me in wishing one more "Happy 10th" to Rock Band 3.  I also hope those in the U.S. have a Happy Thanksgiving this week.  Cheers!

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  • FujiSkunk changed the title to Rock Band 3 10th Anniversary Multitrack Pack Trilogy - Elton John, Madonna & Michael Jackson!

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