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Is it possible to modify the Wii version of RB3 directly to change information about on-disc songs?

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Basically, I run Rock Band 3 from a USB Loader and an ISO - I would use the disc directly, but my console always shoots out an error upon loading it. However, this has caused me to consider the idea of directly modifying the ISO to add/change album art for songs that either don't have them (Radar Love, I Got You) or songs that have inaccurate art (Whip It, Outer Space). However, I've been unable to access the contents of the ARK files within the Wii ISO, even after using ARKTool and ArchiveExplorer, and am at a point where I'm unsure if what I'm attempting is even possible. Is there a way to modify the Wii ARK files to change on-disc song data? Would such a thing even work? Apologies if something like this is against the rules to discuss. If it matters, the ISO I'm using is based on my on-hand disc copy of the game. 

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At one time espher was speculating it might be possible to toy with on-disc songs using the Rock Band Harmonies Project tools, and he starting compiling a list of possible fixes.  But his time and attention have since been diverted to More Important Things (no sarcasm :)), so nothing more has come of that.

Like Alternity said, any such trickery would likely involve injecting new DTA information into the song cache, or manipulating the cache directly.  Based on what (relatively little) I know about the cache, changing things like song and album titles might not be that hard, once you're comfortable hacking the cache.  There is even a cache modding tool available on the forum here, though I think it's mostly intended for the XBox 360 cache file.  Changing album art would likely be trickier, since you'd also have to supply the art file.  Changing charts would be the trickiest of all, since those are not stored in the cache, but are read directly from disc (or hard drive) every time you play that particular song.  It still may be possible with some sort of clever redirects within the cache data, but at this point there are no guarantees.

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