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Is there anyway to bypass the 300 BPM limit? I am currently converting Ravenous by Atreyu from Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and the entire song is tempo mapped at around 310 BPM. I've tried disabling the Check for Tempo Map option in Magma and I've enabled "Bypass Nemo's MIDI Validator" and no luck.


Is it possible?

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Honestly if it reaches over like 220 bpm, Reaper auto wants to half time it and I agree, the game looks really ugly at high tempos. So yeah set it to 155bpm and from my knowledge unless you have 32nd notes you really shouldn't run into any issues. I hope that helps

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If you do want to bypass this though, I think an override midi will do it, but it's messy. I remember doing this on my custom for "Intermission" and possibly for a Wii convert of a Van Halen song, but I don't remember which one that was.

Edit: Here's what my project file looks like for "Intermission". It looks like I did use an override midi, too. The midi sent to Magma was one that cuts out all the unallowed BPMs, so it really messes up the project, so only do it to export, then undo back.

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