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Rock Band 4 WILL Be Compatible with Next Gen Consoles

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Great news for those that were wondering. I seriously doubted it, but looks like we'll be rockin' with the game into the next generation!


Highlights include:

  • Multiplayer across generations (nice!)
  • Compatible instruments including ION drum set (plug and play)
  • All DLC supported (no jumping through hoops this time around)
  • Microphone on PS5 in the controller works for singing (as do other mics)
  • Faster load times (was there a problem before? 😃)

So there you go. Rock Band 4 continues to live on past its original console.

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It is good news.

I just hope they resolve the PS4's freezing and stuttering issues jumping to next gen. Going to wait around and see if it does fix it.

Have a feeling it should but it's the only game I care about on consoles to even consider buying next gen. (I PC game otherwise.)

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Pretty good news for the future of this game.  I have no intentions of getting a new Xbox but I was always super disappointed with the original Xbox One performance and load times in general.  My original 360 cold boots into RB3 with twice as many songs in less than half the time and also has far less latency when playing.  

Sounds like the next thing they need to do is produce some more instruments to get new people back into the game.

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15 hours ago, BornGamerRob said:

I have a PS4 and have never had any stuttering and freezing issues. Wonder why it's doing that to you? The PS3 was nothing but problems but I haven't experienced any on my PS4. Bummer. ☹️

It does it for every person I've came across :(
I heard some don't have the issue, but every crew I've joined they have had issues with it and many quit playing due to it (which is why I jumped crews for a bit and just dealt with it).


Now I don't even play the game, it happens every 2-3 songs now. Worse online and local MP. Horrible. My friends who come over on the weekend for RB night can't stand the stuttering and freezing and ask why it does it and I have no answer for them because the issue came after a patch. We used to not have the issue at all maybe 2 years ago. (I know for sure Rivals was out and I had no issues for several months and then they patched the game to fix something and the issue appeared. Its so weird.)


With that said, thank god for customs lol.

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Can someone please clarify if that means E-drums (like an Alesis Nitro Mesh) will work with just the Mad Catz Pro Drum/Key/Guitar Midi adapter?

Or is the PDP legacy adapter still required for Xbox Series X.  


I haven't had time to rig up the Wireless RB2 drum brain workaround, and I'm sure as hell not paying $1000 for one of those adapters on eBay that look like somebody rode it hard and put it away wet...

Anyways; here's to hoping for another batch of legacy adapters 🤞

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4 hours ago, Sweet Devil said:

What is even the point of playing RB4 over 3 again? I have 2 guitars for 4 and they just gather dust because of how crappy of a game it is compared to 3.

Exactly. I had the legacy adapter, which I bought for 45$ on eBay, and as soon as I figured out how to get customs going; I sold that crap ASAP. I asked myself "Why would I play a game that offers less?" To support them is the only good reason I see. Plus this is only good to those who already play the game, what about those who want to get into the game but can't even get a REASONABLY PRICE guitar to play either game? Let's hope they plan on producing more instruments to go along with this Next Gen Game upgrade or whatever they're calling it.

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