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I like the new database in a lot of respects. Being able to sort and identify by year has been huge for me in tracking down all sorts of songs from the 50s-90s from groups I didn't recognize instead of new indie groups from the last decade. I don't personally need the ability to identify the gender of the singer, but the more options the merrier!

It feels like there are some songs missing from the database... Stuff I already got from the old database that doesn't seem to show up in the new one if I pick the same filtering options, but it could just be my imagination or misusing the new system.

I'm also not thrilled with the massive duplicates that appear in there. Seems like every time I come across a song from TDCMark, there's 50+ copies of the same song to wade through. ;)

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4 hours ago, kekag said:

Why exactly is it important to know the gender of the charter? Why is that even there?

Oh wait, nevermind. I'm guessing that's the gender of the song vocalist?

I like having any additional filtering/sorting option available. Vocalist gender can be obviously useful for a player who knows that (s)he can't easily sing a song of the opposite gender. But yeah charter gender would be a bit harder to justify :)

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16 minutes ago, NeedDreamer said:

Does anybody have issues very the database on mobile? How do you change to full site?

Yes that’s one bug I’m having I can’t find a way around. I’ve had to fully use the database on my desktop. 


And filtering isn’t perfect either, as @Ultracementioned, songs that should be there are not there. So for now I’ve avoided using filtering until everything smooths out. Oh, also the duplicates.. yes those are not fun either lol.

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4 hours ago, deathtrap999 said:

are all of the songs from the old db database on the new db??

Impossible to say. Because the old database is down, we can't see how many total songs it had within it. The new database tells you how many songs are within it, but that includes a very conspicuous duplication issue where some songs appear 20-50+ times, which is going to totally throw off the totals.

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