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Still working on hammering out all the main bugs with the system, then we'll focus on getting features working. Farottone and FujiSkunk have been working hard to get this new DB set up for you folks.

Did you notice? --> https://db.c3universe.com/songs/rb3

this new database is absolute  shit. please go back to the old one.

Please no, I had no idea this existed till 2 months ago.  I got an email from a friend.  Finally got round to dusting off the instruments and XBox360. 


Tonight I settle down to do this...

I know I'm VERY late to the party.  I just hope I'm not too late.  

I'll wait at the doors and see if the bouncer will let us all in. 😝


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6 hours ago, Shroud said:

Wow, I never noticed! Thanks for sharing!

However, I think this only includes songs uploaded on C3, so maybe no songs uploaded from MediaFire or alternate sources? I could be dumb; need to double-check.

EDIT: Nevermind, it also includes alternate sources! I think that means every song that was uploaded (and not taken down) are there! Yay!!

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Could just be my computer but I'm using the new database website (db.c3universe.com/songs) and it's not letting me download any of the AJFOne23's "Chicago Transit Authority" customs. Whenever I click download it gives me the "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." message. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong or lead me to download links that work?

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Far from "shit". 

I actually am loving the new database.

Does it have bugs and some issues? Yes.

But it tells you that at the top, where it says "Maintenance in progress. Expect some errors."

I see it more as a "beta test" sort of thing to see what is working and what is not. 👍

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