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Lady Fantasy by Camel (or any other Camel songs)

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Take a listen to Lady Fantasy cause this song rocks. At 12:46, this song isn't short by any means, but it would be a blast to play for all of the instruments. If this song is too long to chart, Camel has a wealth of incredible songs I would love to be able to play, such as Rhayader (3:02) or The White Rider (9:18).


Additionally, there are a bunch of Camel songs on C3 authored by oscarj08 that only have the drum parts. I am not fully sure of the procedure here but if the rest of the parts could be added to any of the existing Camel songs, that would be a godsend.

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I worked with oscarj08 on bringing some Camel drum customs years ago. I would like to add more instruments to some of the songs but am on a huge hiatus right now. Eventually you may see me update these customs but don't hold your breath. Glad to see there are some Camel fans on this site though.

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