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Song Request That Came Up While Playing Snooker

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I have various setlists that I have created from the vast multitude of CDs that I own. I play them while playing snooker. The last few weeks have seen the following come up that I would really like to see as Customs. Please.





Without You


Cook With Fire

Bebe le Strange

Black on Black II

Desire Walks On




Sausalito Summernight


GEORGE THOROGOOD: from the house of the blues


One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Move It On Over(recorded version)

I Drink Alone

You Talk Too Much

Get a Haircut

If You Don't Start Drinking




Tubular Bells(I envision this with keyboard playing most of the keys parts, but bass, guitar, drums also playing some of the key parts as the song progresses. The only bummer is the very small but crucial vocal part)


If you do a Youtube search, you can find a live playing from 1973 on the BBC




We have 2 of these, but I would like the LIVE versions from The Kids Are Allright. Much better than the CD versions(I am biased. Watching the movie way, way, back(I'm old) got me through a rough period)


A Quick One(While He's Away): from Rock n Roll Circus

Baba O'Riley: at Shepperton Studios

Won't Get Fooled Again: at Shepperton Studios


a Youtube search will find all 3 of these.


late addition: Long Live Rock


thanks to all the people who have already created so many(so, so many) of the Customs that I enjoy

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And here I thought I was the only one who remembered this lost gem from the '80s. Good pick!

I'm sure if I set my mind to it, there are a whole bunch of one-hit-wonders that could be added to RB3 Customs, IF, midi's could be found for them as a starting point.


Sausalito is almost the perfect song. Not too fast to sing, easily heard vocals. Distinct guitar, bass and drum parts

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