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Rock Band 1 Export files - no milo/png's

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#1 NowhereMan80

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Posted September 7, 2020 - 01:55 AM

Hello all,


First I wanted to say thank you for this amazing resource to keep games like this alive; you all do amazing work.


My question has to do with playing Rock Band 3 on RPCS3 and bringing the Rock Band 1 export songs into it. Before going forward just to clarify the files I'm providing/using are the official files straight from my Xbox 360; I have the export pack purchased from years back and I copied the files to USB and transferred them to PC.


I've used CON tools PS3 converter to convert them to the PS3 file format and updated my songs.dta to where they're all included in that file, the folders are in the HMX0756 folder, etc. They show up in the menu in-game, the preview audio plays, I can select it but then before it actually loads I get a "skipping file" dialog for all the RB1 songs. Taking a look at the files it seems to me like the issue is that whereas all my other songs that I've added via this same process have a "gen" folder that has a .milo_ps3 and .png_ps3 file, none of the RB1 songs do. Is there anything that can be done to make these work as maybe the RB1 songs were done differently than files after them or something? I've exported multiple other songs/packs from my Xbox 360 (the Green Day pack, Rock Band Blitz, numerous individual songs/packs,) and they all have those 2 files/work properly. Thank you. 

#2 NowhereMan80

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Posted September 9, 2020 - 05:14 PM

This can essentially be closed; I figured it out. The songs.dta file had two extra lines in each of the Rock Band 1 songs that were causing the issue, 1 referencing a "Song location 2" and 1 referencing that it had been exported. Removing those 2 lines from those song entries cause the song to load/play fine. 


Only thing is the animations are a bit off and I imagine this still has something to do with the milo files being absent, but it's not an overly huge deal. 

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