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Is there a simple way to generate a songs.dta file for a custom? Say I have the required files to use the CON creator inside C3Con Tools (.mid, .mogg).


I can use a 'dummy' songs.dta file and it creates the CON but obviously all of the info is of whatever song the .dta file belonged to.


What's the least amount of info needed for a songs.dta file? And is there a way to get all of this info from C3CON Tools? Maybe using one of the many tools I'm not familiar with?


Any help would be appreciated!

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I do that when I create a custom for myself. However, I downloaded the files online and was just going to make it into a CON myself. The .MOGG is encrypted so I cannot separate it to build and compile in Magma. The files go into, and create the CON but the info is just wrong since I am using the songs.dta file from a different song. Was wondering if I could just create one, manually, using some type of template, or perhaps use the tools to generate one based on the files I have without actually compiling and building a song.

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I did some digging and extracted some files from RB1 and there is no songs.dta files included. I have the .mogg, .mid, milo xbox file, and the png. After a fair bit more online searches, it appears that the file 'songs.dtb' is what houses these files, just needs to be decrypted with a special program.

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