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How many songs in your RB3?

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Just for fun, how many songs do you currently have in total (on-disc, dlc, customs) in your RB3? :) It would hbe interesting to make a poll and see some distribution but I don't think our forums support them.


Are you still in the lower hundreds? Have you reached the 2952 limit already? Have you long surpassed it and are you now juggling with multiple USB sticks? :D


We are currently at 720 songs after playing the game for 2 years and using customs for a bit more than 1 year. I have my own personal philosophy of adding things gradually (but not too slowly), otherwise there would be at least three times as many customs I am already interested in. My OCD also requires that I have a multiple of 10 :D

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you win! lol

is there a song you don't like?

can't imagine having to deal with multiple usb sticks etc..

I don't download songs I don't like lol. And I have 1 USB stick and I just put whatever I'm in the mood for at any given time on it. Doesn't take that long to switch stuff out


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I have multiple RB installs, so I can't provide a set number.


I have 3 360 hard drives, currently divided into


1. All RBN

2. Mix of DLC/RBN and Exports for online play.

3. Mix of everything (DLC/RBN/Exports/Customs) for playing locally with friends.


2 PS3 installs (I use EU/US copies for this)

1. US Disc: All officially released content for the game, 2909 songs on PS3.

2. EU Disc: Customs for online play.


I also have RB4 on Xbox One with all songs, which I generally use for playing any official content, along with a PS4 that's loaded with customs, that I use when playing custom songs alone.

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