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Hi All,


I am hoping somebody can assist me with CAT. It is a special case that is not mentioned on other forum posts that I could read.


I was trying to perform reductions, but that and none of the other CAT functions are working in my particular song. If I open other songs I've charted it still works, so I know it must be something with this song and not with CAT. Some forum posts had checklists that I went through and it did not fix it. When running the MIDI through Magma, there were no errors in it other than vocal phrase markers are missing (I did not create them yet). I went over the song for half an hour looking for mistakes but could not find any.


I'm able to do the reductions manually, but I'm more interested in what is preventing CAT from running than actually being able to use it as reductions and drum animations are pretty much the only thing I use it for. My suspicion is it has something to do with measure 30 if you take a look at the file. The beat sounds like a 6/4 beat but I did two measures as a 1/1 and 4/4. This worked in my previous song, Dumb Ways to Die, and it was able to reduce successfully. If you can be of some assistance, I would truly appreciate it and you can get some special recognition when the song is released!


The .rpp file is here. The audio is here if you need it (paste it at 0:03.766). In case you are wondering, this is for my WIP (There's Gotta Be) More to Life by Stacie Orrico.


Thank you!

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