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USB drive to upgrade songs

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#1 bloosmurf

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Posted August 22, 2020 - 10:25 PM

I'm trying to go through the process to upgrade (mostly adding harmonies) some of my songs. I'm following the directions provided (pdf version and the video). 


My question is:


Do I put the files that I am making (dummy package/upgrade package) into the same USB drive that I have loaded my customs onto? Or do those go onto a second USB drive?


I'm thinking it must go into the customs USB drive, because things are getting pretty full over here with a USB drive for customs, and my USB splitter to get 3 mics (I think mine is one I acquired from back in 2001). 


Can anyone verify? I don't really want to mess up and have to re-load all my customs if I mess this up. 


Edit (follow-up): is PartyBuffalo still the approved method for putting package updates onto the USB drive? Or is there a better way? 

#2 jerrylive365

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Posted August 23, 2020 - 09:50 PM

That video you linked is very old. Not sure things are done that way any longer. I believe you should be using CON TOOLS, UPGRADE BUNDLER.

Upgrades can be done anywhere. Hard drive, usb, whatever. If the settings are correct, you will get the updated version and still have the original. I have used it in the past to add pro instruments to songs and it works great.

Never heard of using PartyBuffalo for customs. RB to USB in the CON Tools is the preferred method.

#3 bloosmurf

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Posted August 25, 2020 - 01:46 AM

Is there any documentation about how to use this process (with the upgrade bundler)? I found this in a post: 

"For anyone else not sure how to use the Upgrade Bundler, this is the process that worked for me:


1. move song file from Xbox to USB

2. Open USB on PC using USBtoRB3

3. Extract song file to HDD on your PC

4. use this extracted song file in Upgrade Bundler

5. in your HDD directory there will now be two song files: the one you extracted, and a new RBHP bundled version. Move only the “[song title] (bundled)” song file back to your Xbox

6. on your Xbox, delete the RB3 song cache file

7. start RB3"


Looks like 

You get the file from the Xbox, then upgrade, then put the upgraded file on the Xbox in place of the original? Is there any way to upgrade files that appear on the disc or are those inaccessible? 


I assume this would need to be done individually for every individual track to be upgraded? I feel like I've got a lot. Looks like it may take longer than I expected. 


Thanks for the help by the way. 

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