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This is quite off-topic wrt. Rock Band, but since we're a generally multimedia-oriented community, I thought I'd ask you :)


I have some video footage of my old band rehearsing, but it's one single giant video file. I would like to cut the video file into smaller parts, to isolate single songs from the fumbles and the rest where we're just chatting around.


Optionally, I would also like to compress the resulting video files if they are still too big, and to extract the audio only from them.


This is a one-time task, so I don't feel like buying a software product just for that, and I am looking at the simplest possible freeware/shareware/demo solution for Windows here, I don't need advanced or fancy video editing features of any sort, just very basic editing. It's ok if it comes with a GUI but even a command-line-based tool will suffice.


What software would you recommend? I prefer open-source over anything else for safety reasons (i.e. less risk of malware or adware). Thanks!

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