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C3 CON Tools v4.0.1 (8/14/2020) - We've Only Just Begun!

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C3 CON Tools is very handy toolbox for modifying existing CON files, creating new CON filess, combining multiple CON files into a single pack, splitting packs back into multiple CON files, converting CON files to other formats like Phase Shift for the PC or Rock Band 3 for the Wii, and much, much more. These tools also work with LIVE files. Originally inspired by Le Fluffie, this application was once named Le Fluffie for RB3. Then it became Le Fluffie C3. Many features and revisions later, we now call it C3 CON Tools.


C3 CON Tools is not essential for creating RB3 customs; that's Magma C3's job. However, if you work with customs and CON files for any amount of time, C3 CON Tools will undoubtedly save you a lot of effort and spare you a lot of headaches!





Click the link below for a complete list of available features and fixes, starting with what's different in the most recent version.

C3 CON Tools v4.0.1 - Features & Changes



The download link is below. Once downloaded, unless you're new to C3 CON Tools or you're upgrading from a really old version of the application, you can simply unzip and drop the new archive's contents on top of your existing installation. New files will copy over old ones and all your settings will be preserved. For a fresh installation, simply unzip the archive to a directory where you plan on working on customs. For more recent versions of Windows, we strongly recommend you not put C3 CON Tools in Program Files. Otherwise you will be constantly nagged about granting administrator rights to use the program.


C3 CON Tools v4.0.1 - ZIP Archive





Please note C3 CON Tools is currently for Windows only. It may be possible for Mac and Linux users to use C3 CON Tools with the help of WINE, virtual machines, and the like, but for now the application does not officially support any other operating system.


Windows users will need .NET Framework 4 (available for free from Microsoft) and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (also available for free). If you plan on using the PS3 converter, you will need the 32-bit Java Runtime Environment as well (available for free from Java.com).


Note that past versions of C3 CON Tools have caused certain virus scanners to get antsy, particularly Norton Antivirus. It's up to you to decide how trustworthy this tool really is, but you have my assurance we've done our best to keep it virus-free!





It's an older tutorial, but it will still give you a very good idea of what C3 CON Tools can do. If you intend to use this application , you should really spend the hour to watch this video.





The short answer is no. However, when TrojanNemo decided to step back from maintaining his tools for the customs community, he created open-source packages of everything he had done. For his explanation and for links to the packages he released, visit this thread. For legal reasons, the open-source packages for Magma C3 and C3 CON Tools do not include the ability to encrypt audio, or to handle audio already encrypted. While encryption is not essential for creating playable customs, we highly recommend you do encrypt all audio in your projects, especially when using multitracks. Therefore we highly recommend using the official releases of Magma C3 and C3 CON Tools, rather than any compiled from the open source packages. However, if you are curious what the code looks like, or if you are interested in contributing bug fixes or new features to the projects, then we also encourage you to look at the source code available! As newer official releases come out, they will skew further and further from the open-source packages, but hopefully I can do something to keep the open-source versions useful. What that is, I don't yet know. Stay tuned!




  • TrojanNemo for creating and maintaining C3 CON Tools through 2015 / v.4.0.0
  • DJ Shepperd for the original Le Fluffie & x360 library
  • xorloser for all his great tools and knowledge
  • raynebc for midishrink and help with MIDI files
  • Mark Heath for the NAudio.MIDI library (http://naudio.codeplex.com/)
  • Ian Luck for the BASS audio library (http://www.un4seen.com/)
  • Bernd Niedergesaess for the BASS.NET API (http://bass.radio42.com/)
  • StackOverflow0x for making Wii customs possible
  • TDCMark and AerialX for making PS3 customs possible
  • traflaz for code to search the PS3's hard drive for songs
  • bluzer and AkiraNomuraBCN for their help with Phase Shift
  • pksage for doing the hard work with the RB3 song cache
  • Mike Gledhill for the CreateExcelFile library
  • Uzi Granot for the PDFFileWriter library
  • Nyxyxylyth for base album art and RBA converter code
  • Maxton for his invaluable contributions (many thanks!)
  • PikminGuts92 for MiloExtractor code and beta testing
  • C16 and AddyMilldike for excellent beta testing
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Hello again! I've finally started hammering on the code for C3 CON Tools after being entrusted with it last year. To recap, I was asked if I would like to take over development of this and Magma C3, and I accepted, knowing it was not a light request and also knowing that fresh tools are essential to keep up interest in customs and the communities that make them.


I want to again (again) thank TrojanNemo, farrotone and everyone else who considered me worthy enough to be trusted with this code, and I want to thank the entire community, in advance, both for helping me stay aware of issues and possible new features, and for patience when I take my sweet time between releases!


Version 4.0.1 doesn't have a whole lot of new stuff, but it does put the necessary bits in place to ensure you will be aware of future releases as they happen. Expect more substance in those future releases!


Sharp-eyed viewers will (again) see my announcement post is a rather blatant copy-and-paste job from Nemo's earlier release announcements. I thank him (again, again) for allowing me, after the fact, to mooch off more of his fine work. :D

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Ok, I'm confused on how I'm supposed to organize the order of my songs in the setlist manager.

I don't think you do...or I'm missing out on that. I just use it to print nice lists...sadly, I can't of ALL my songs, just what is loaded onto one flash drive at a time.

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Ok, I'm confused on how I'm supposed to organize the order of my songs in the setlist manager.


I don't think you do...or I'm missing out on that. I just use it to print nice lists...sadly, I can't of ALL my songs, just what is loaded onto one flash drive at a time.


I have been using phase shift on my PC and having to organize thousands of my songs in folders by artists and its pain staking process. Especially downloading songs one at a time, regardless I have been looking for an easier way to organize them all in mass?


Also, printing an entire list of all songs and which have which instruments. Besides using a spreasheet and manually inputing it all, is there a better way?

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