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Eurovision Songs Request.

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#1 Ultrace

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Posted August 9, 2020 - 06:38 AM

I am a long time lurker. Thanks to C3, I've added songs to our Rock Band that I never dreamed possible. But there is one area that is lacking which I would love to remedy -- Eurovision songs. I (like most members of the forum, I think), am American, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating the poppy, catchy nature of a lot of Eurovision music. The lack is especially pinging this year with the cancellation of 2020's Eurovision due to COVID-19.


I am hoping someone (or someones) out there can help add some long-desired songs to our playlists. I cannot chart anything in return -- I have tried and simply do not have the knack. But I am more than willing to give quid pro quo where I can. I am not offering cash, but effort in return (for a completed song.) You want a custom desktop wallpaper of your favorite ancient video game? Or even some vintage game music painstakingly split into stems for future authentic charting? That sort of stuff is in my wheelhouse. Just know that I am willing to try to repay this favor. (Since there is no money or material goods exchange, I hope this does not violate any forum rules.)


Anyway, on with the request list...


Keiino - Spirit in the Sky (Norway, 2019)

This is our #1 wanted song. Norway crushed the popular vote in 2019 and was robbed of the #1 spot purely by the whims of judges. If you decide to take on this song, please do it justice by charting all three vocalists (I believe no more than two distinct lyric tracks are going on at any one time, so it should be possible.)

This live version from Eurovision has the best audio mix IMO (especially the female vocalist at the end), although there is some crowd sound.

The official non-live video with no crowd.

Here is a lyrics video including the Sami language (there is no video I'm aware of that translates the joiking solo approaching the end.)


Netta - Toy (Israel, 2018 [winner])

It's an Israeli woman dishing out a fast pop-rap-thing. Starts out bizarre but incredibly catchy once you get into it. Plus, you get to chart vocals like, "My "Simon says" leave me alone; I'm taking my Pikachu home."

This video has the best rendition (the Eurovision live performance has poor audio quality)


Serhat - Say Na Na Na (San Marino, 2019)

Keeping up a tradition of feel-good sound from San Marino, this is one that the entire room can (and will) join the chorus on. The entire song and video is 0% controversial or family-unfriendly.

Official Eurovision video


ABBA - Waterloo (Sweden, 1974 [winners])

This is arguably the most famous Eurovision song of all time. The forum has done ABBA songs so why this one doesn't already exist is frankly baffling to me! There's really nothing more I can say about this; most people should know it.

Eurovision performance from 1974 (surprisingly good audio, but this one does downplay the piano and plays up the brass)

Official non-live recording that everyone is familiar with


DoReDos - My Lucky Day (Moldova, 2018)

An infectious little latin-flavored tune that will be a joy for singers (and while the beat doesn't seem to throw too many tricks, the drummer is definitely going to be busy.)

Official Eurovision video


Sergey Lazarev - You Are the Only One (Russia, 2016)

With the song time limits in Eurovision, it was a bold move to spend the first 45 seconds with just a slow build, the the rest of the song afterwards is powerfully uplifting.

Official Eurovision video


Ilinca & Alex Florea - Yodel it! (Romania, 2017)

On the surface, a man doing a kind of hip-hop presentation while a woman counters him with her melodic yodel style sounds ridiculous. And it is. But it's also huge fun. And likely to be one of the most interesting duets in someone's song library.

Eurovision live performance



I could go on (Eurovision has had over 1500 songs in its history), but it's getting late, and I would be thrilled to get any of the songs above... I'm not going to push my luck.

#2 UltimatePowerBallads

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Posted August 10, 2020 - 03:43 PM

Your love of Eurovision is coming to your shores - an American version is starting next year with each state entering (as opposed to each country in Europe). I hope you enjoy it just as much! I have to say that one of the best Eurovision songs for me (as a Brit) has always been Katrina and the Waves winner in 1997 - ‘Love Shine A Light’. I considered trying to chart it once but I couldn’t get a decent-quality clean audio of the version they used on the night (with additional brass and strong orchestral backing in the second verse). The pop chart version was a lot simpler but not as euphoric. I was also a fan of our Samantha Janus entry back in 1991 that came an incredible 10th - ‘A Message To Your Heart’. I recommend checking that one out if you like late 80’s/early 90’s power ballads and have never heard it.

#3 i0brendan0

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Posted August 11, 2020 - 03:01 AM

TheSheepQueen and I were planning on working on Toy together but we never got around to starting it. I'm still very interested in charting it but it's not one of those high on my list. Some bits of FX were left out of the stems that I'd want to try to obtain so that's like step 1 anyway. Maybe at some point I can start working on it.

#4 UltimatePowerBallads

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Posted September 9, 2020 - 07:37 PM

I finally found the time to make that Katrina and the Waves Eurovision song Id always threatened to chart. You jogged my memory of having thought about doing it over and over! I know its not on your list there Ultrace, but hopefully it will at least temporarily satisfy your request for more Eurovision songs appearing in the database :)

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