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ROCK BAND UNPLUGGED: On the hunt for PSP Customs

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Recently found Rock Band Unplugged again and have been playing it on emulator. I was recently given access to the alpha build of the game from late 2008, back before the game was called Rock Band Unplugged and was just called Rock Band 2.


Upon digging around in the files and looking at the setlist in game, there appears to be a massive amount of songs that don't appear in the final game, including Almost Easy (A7X), Panic Attack (Dream Theater) and a few other early versions of final charts.


There are also a number of songs referenced within strings of text contained within the game's chart files (.str files) which do not appear in any version of the game. This includes a number of Green Day songs (boulevard = Boulevard of Broken Dreams, brainstew = Brain Stew, american = American Idiot, Whatsername) and some Rock Band 1 songs (ballroomblitz = Ballroom Blitz, entersandman = Enter Sandman)


The way that these songs were referenced interested me. They were all linked by a file path. "songs/(songname)/songname .mid


The songs take midi files for the chart but they're obviously encrypted for use on the PSP. These are coupled with the audio files (.ATM) which are multitrack audio containers that have multiple audio files inside of them, containing each of the 5 stems used in gameplay.


ALSO within the game files are multiple references to file extensions used to make regular RB2 xbox CON files such as multiple Xbox compatible image formats and .dtb, .mid + .mogg files


If we can somehow figure out how these files are encrypted and possibly use data from an already existing CON file, we could be on our way to RBU customs.


People have touched the subject before, but with the current knowledge of the community and the recent discovery of Guitar Hero On Tour customs AND how supported the PSP modding community is, I think we have a good shot at this.


If you're interested in helping me a couple of others on our journey, send me a DM either here or on Discord at SanicStudios#2512

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For anything related to this to exist it's fundamental that it remains about using customs in the game. No discussion of porting over official HMX content, etc. As long as this is treated as much as an exploit like the way we load customs in RB3 it's fine. NO DISCUSSION whatsoever of unencryption though: that would lead to a ban for sure and also we might go further if we feel it's needed.

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I think they're talking about console encryption, much like the PS3 encryption for midi files, rather than harmonix audio encryption. I would assume there is no issue about that in the rules considering the old way to use custom songs on a PAL PS3 is still available in the forums and that include instructions to decrypt PS3 files.

Assuming the PSP works remotely close to the PS3, I would assume there are tools out there to encrypt to edat (or whatever format they use), considering how long the modding scene on PSP has been.

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We have come across EDAT files for DLC. However, we found that the game appears to work like RB3 TU5 but even more strict where as soon as it notices any sort of change in the files, it exits out and softlocks.


We are not touching audio encryption as we have custom audio almost figured out. There appears to be no Harmonix-specific encryption and it appears to just use regular PSP audio files.


The only encryption we need to play with is encryption of the chart files which appear to be an encrypted form of a regular rb2con. As stated, the references to Xbox files are in there. I do think with the right people we can get this done.



We are not touching HMX content / porting anything. We are keeping this about customs and customs only.

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