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Problem with USB drive in xbox 360

rb3CON USB C3 CON Tools

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#1 Ake

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Posted July 25, 2020 - 07:29 AM

I recently started to use the Rb3_con files to my xbox 360.


I have 2 USB drives Sandisk Cruzer Blade 4 Gb and a 16 Gb.


I have formatted then and installed A/V settings on the XBox and installed Update #4 using C3 CON Tools RBToUSB.


The 4 Gb USB works fine but I really would like to use my 16 Gb for more songs but when opening the USB in RBToUSB I get

"error reading file 'tu00000001_0000501'! Invalid STFS format"


Is the USB drive bad or what?

What is largest USB drive that we can use for Rb3CON?


Another question:

If I add files to the USB will Xbox find the the songs or do I have to remove the song cache and re-installed the songs?







#2 chaosjaye

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Posted July 25, 2020 - 12:56 PM

format drive in comp. stick in 360 format again.

and i have a 1 tb hard drive holding songs.

as for adding songs..yes and no. if its a few nope, anything over 50 yes.

you will lose a few scores each time you do it.

giver have fun come back tell me how it went.

#3 cleverest

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Posted July 30, 2020 - 05:20 AM

Also the game will only load a maximum of 2952 tracks (I believe that's accurate, someone correct me if not), and if you try to load more than that, it may load less..I had like 13 more than that and it only loaded about 2500 on mine until I removed those...

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