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just finished my first custom. had a few q's

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#1 hardcoredrummer

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Posted July 17, 2020 - 08:45 PM

Hey everyone. I watched the videos finally and read the tutorial pdf.

Got my first custom done which is drums only but still it's a start right? Was a bit of a journey more so after authoring but then nemo's video and the pdf helped finish things. Thanks everyone for putting that stuff together....


Playing it for the first time even though it's not a great song by any means was so fun cause I made it...What a rush in some sense. Just seeing it load and play the preview song omg.


So I apologize if silly me should be doing more forum searches to find a few answers here. Also apologize to anyone I have written to the last couple days for getting this finished...


So  if i may:


1) What does the w1 limiter do? Does it have to be shut off with all other fx before rendering out your wav files?


2) What is the .c3 file made when compiling in magma? Is it just the first file you get before saving your project as .rbproj (should i have deleted the .c3?)


3) Is an rbdep file just an error file? 


4) Do you need to have an .rba file for anything? I checked the delete after converting option...

it's a live file right? can it be used to extract midi from etc? does it have a purpose?


5) I only did drums and when compiling it mentioned only having two audio files. Then something about the crowd section of the audio tab. Either to click it and put something blank it or continuing without doing so. I just continued. Will this cause any issues?


6) Is it recommended to use carv for error checking? I couldn't find an updated link...


7. Should you always run magma midi clean before compiling?



#2 doa

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Posted July 18, 2020 - 12:56 AM

1. The limiter is used to even out the volume differences between songs - so that they all play at about the same volume in game.


2. The .c3 file is a visualizer save file. 


4. I think the .rba file is RB Audition file - I don't think that many people can use it?


5. For single instrument custom you need backing file (assuming no stems) and then a silent crowd audio file. 


6. I haven't used CARV yet, but I've heard that it might get included in CAT at some future date?

#3 hardcoredrummer

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Posted July 18, 2020 - 01:53 AM

1.That's interesting about the limiter. Seems like a lot of customs with low volume compared to others on here.

Thought that had to do with the master volume db which is set to 0.05db in the c3 template...i think there was discussion in a thread about increasing the volume through the dta file as well...how do you know when it's working if you turn off fx to render etc? Is there a good practice of having the master volume set to that? I've seen other templates that 0 it...


2. Thanks. Recompiled to get the file. Sending it to visualizer works. But opening a profile file didn't do anything when i picked the c3 file. The read me said it opens con and live files. Pull down doesn't let you select con files just the c3. But you can drag and drop a con on it...bit odd can't be selected and nothing happens with c3 file...


6. CARV didn't give me any errors. Was a blank page for the most part. Broken down notes for each difficulty. I assume that means no errors...woo hoo


7. However doing midi test in magma I get this when I have those tracks muted!? Cleaning it apparently made all note velocities 96bmp which is what they should have been from my tempo map....should you always run the clean before compiling?


Thanks a bunch

#4 rubydanger

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Posted July 18, 2020 - 02:19 AM

You didn't mute the keys audio track

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#5 hardcoredrummer

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Posted July 18, 2020 - 02:28 AM

spot on! Thought that was defaulted to mute like the other tracks. I had minimized it first thing...


#6 hardcoredrummer

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Posted July 18, 2020 - 05:06 PM

so i have 3 c3 templates...the original and a condensed version from menacex911 and then fuggnutz version which has 2x drums and camera and lighting tracks among some real guitar stuff...


the master volumes are 0.5db , -0.08db and 0db. what's the best to use and what's the reasoning of having different settings or opinions on these? does it even matter?

i used the C3 template of 0.5db...


#7 doa

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Posted July 19, 2020 - 12:31 AM

I didn't start looking at the limiter until I started working on songs that sounded quieter through my headphones, which made me think they would play quieter on the xbox. There's a thread about the limiter here: https://href.li/?htt...nd-crowd-noise/


That's all I've got on the limiter. 

#8 hardcoredrummer

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Posted July 22, 2020 - 10:30 PM

so i'm done a chart but i need to move a few tempo markers. is there a way to do this and have your bmp and grid lines update in real time? i read something about ctrl clicking the time marker and dragging it but i think that's for new versions of reaper.

also how do you insert a new tempo marker if you went a few bars ahead...i used ruby danger/don't pass goes method of tempo mapping...


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