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Vrey's New Customs Workshop Spreadsheet (more details in thread)

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#1 VreyIsGrey

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Posted July 12, 2020 - 12:05 AM

I've considered repurposing the WIP thread I had previously, but given how much of a mess that thread was, I took it upon myself to create a new one.
Anyhow, here's all my customs, in varying degrees of completion. Although I won't be dropping my WIPs in this thread, no no no; instead, here is a spreadsheet that goes into a lot more detail about what is and isn't complete, and that's where I'll keep tabs on it, so to view it, you can click on the link at the bottom of this page.


I will notify you lot with updates in this thread, such as new songs being added and others being completed and whatnot.
Here's a little bit of detail; a manual, if you will, going over the individual parts of the sheet.


There are info bars at the top of the sheet.


  • First there's metadata, which is "ARTIST" and "TITLE".
  • Secondly, there's "DONE/REMAINING/TOTAL". These are three numbers that detail how many parts are done, how many are remaining, and the total amount of parts or tasks in the song. (example: 6 - 13 - 19)
  • Next, there's the "OPEN" column, which determines if the song is open to collab, either labeled YES or NO.
  • Finally, there's the actual components of the custom, these are things like the tempo map, the instruments, animations, and other things. There are a total of 19 components; however, not all songs will have all 19 parts.

Each part of a custom has an indicator color marking its completion

  • GREEN columns mean the part is more or less complete. There might be new revisions, but for the most part, it's complete.
  • YELLOW columns mean it's a WIP.
  • RED columns mean the part has not been started yet. A good deal of the page is RED.
  • GREY columns mean "no part". For instance, an instrumental would have VOCALS, HARMONY, and DRYVOX labeled as GREY.
  • More details are often added to text in the columns, for example, who authored what part or how far into the song is complete.

There are green bars across the spreadsheet. These are sorting categories for how complete each song is. Here are all of them.

  • DONE:  These songs are done and are about to be uploaded to the DB. Each song is removed from the spreadsheet once they're uploaded to the DB.
  • DONE, PLAYTESTING:  Everything is mostly done, but may require a bit of tweaking and playtesting to make sure it's correct enough to upload.
  • WIP, ALMOST DONE:  The song has 5 or less parts remaining, and none of them are vocals. A few things may need to be finished, such as EMH and venue, but progress on it is smooth sailing.
  • WIP:  These songs are works in progress, pretty much. This category usually has the most songs in it, hopefully.
  • WIP, BARELY STARTED:  There are 2 or less things finished about this song, but I'm still in the process of authoring it.
  • ON THE BACKBURNER/NOT WORKING ON:  Unfortunately, I can't do every song, so these ones are currently not being worked on. Whether it be a part I'm having trouble with or just not feeling it, these ones are currently on the backburner.

This may be a bit tough to follow, but this is a general guide.


Here is the link to the spreadsheet!


#2 cleverest

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Posted July 13, 2020 - 11:37 PM

Looks nice. Some good detail, but I'm such a n00b at it, I would have one song on the entire list at a time, lol

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