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Hello, I wrote Part-Real Guitar for the extra 2nd guitar in a song, and I want to add it to the Pro-Keys Track for one of my DLC songs, and use it for personal enjoyment (not to distribute).


When I transfer the content (2 files - original song and Pro Upgrade) to PC, I use the c3 con tools to bundle the original con with the upgrade. Then, I batch extract the bundled file so that i can import the midi to reaper. I choose the option for seperate tracks.


But Reaper lays down almost all the tracks, except the pro guitar and bass.


How can I bundle my pro-keys midi track with all DLC, including the pro upgrade? i'd like it so my friend and I can play tandem with both guitar parts.


Or how can I extract just the midi from the pro guitar/bass so that i can combine it with my new Pro_Keys track?


Thank You

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Did you transcribe the guitar part for actual pro keys or is it another part real guitar track? If the latter, you are going to have to replace the existing 17 or 22 fret guitar part because there can only be one of each. Otherwise can you further describe what you're trying to do?

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well it appears I have overlooked a few limitations.


My goal was to chart for a 2nd PRO guitar within the PRO keys midi track (I've seen other people chart a rhythm guitar on keys) but what I failed to realize is that "Rhythm on Keys" is only a function on 5 lane instruments, and that actual guitar tabs won't fit within the scope of the Pro-Keys midi-charts. i didn't realize this until i got the template that shows the notes/pitches which are valid in pro keys. It differs too much from the Pro Guitar chart and is limited in relation. It would appear the Pro-keys chart only has enough keys to match about two guitar strings worth of notes.


Hmm. Any beautiful hacks or scripts that are written in order to utilize the PRO-keys track for use with a lead PRO Guitar? seems like dream-land at this point


Also, I just tried playing some PRO-Keys songs with my PRO-Guitar through the midi adapter (switched to "Keyboard" setting), and it doesn't really interpret the notes accurately or dependably. strumming is useless as it just requires notes to be hammered on and there's no rhyme to what guitar frets would match with corresponding charted keys.


And I don't suppose Phase-Shift has compatibility with PRO Guitars, or else we'd harm-out PRO-guitars on that game for this song

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I've settled for removing the bass guitar and replacing it with the 2nd harmonized guitar with each guitar having it's own stem (as well as all other instruments and vocal(harmony) stem's for that matter, except bass guitar of course.) i'm not sure If i'm allowed to share it with anyone but it works well.


I started a thread asking the rules of improving DLC songs, but nobody replied to that yet. So if it's allowed I would share.

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RB3 would take extreme amounts of hacking to let you play a pro keys part with one of the official pro guitar controllers. You could try to connect one of the pro guitar controllers to the MIDI pro adapter via MIDI cable, with the MPA set to keys mode, and maybe you can get something close to what you want. I'm not sure if the game would tolerate that though, since the controllers send a repeated Sysex message identifying themselves as pro guitar controllers. You may have to run the guitar's MIDI feed through a PC and filter out those events with something like MIDIOX, but this is going to get complicated very fast.


Phase Shift does support pro guitar controllers (as Xbox 360 controllers a least, I don't remember whether you could connect them to the MPA by MIDI), but even then only supports the expected RB3 pro guitar tracks (ie. PART REAL_GUITAR) and I don't know if it would be any easier to play a pro keys track on a pro guitar in this game versus RB3 itself.

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Thank You Raynebc.


I did not know phase shift had the ability to play RB3 Pro Tracks - I thought it only supported 5 lane instruments and therefore treated a Pro Guitar as such, so that's good news Thank you.


The least of my concerns is attaching the guitar as a keyboard. This is already easy enough using the adapter, but as i stated above, my attempt at using the the PG with midi adapter on the keys "K" setting did not go as well as i had hoped, while it didn't have any issues connecting or staying connected as a keyboard.


Main problem is that the PK charts are not applicable to the guitar fret-board.

-strumming guitar does nothing,

-some random frets work for random charted keys as hammer-ons, and most frets do nothing.

-theres not enough charting space on pro-keys tracks for all the frets of a guitar.

-there's no way to chart open strings on pro-keys as well as most other guitar techniques that make PG mode resemble the actual guitar in the slightest.


...If anyone ever discovers a fix for this, i'll check back all the time :)


I really appreciate your assistance on this. As of now Im reduced to a cut-throat between (a) having bass guitar or (B) having a 2nd guitar, ...or else phase shift possibly with 2 guitars plus an additional Bass guitar track. either is ok by me and gets me to where I want to be.

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