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(scottish voice) The manual is utter 'shite.


There, said it.


So, fellow band'ers need help. Was playing Road Challenges (2 mics. nothing else), and after the 1st leg of the journey (100 on stars/spades on hard), just 0 spades for the rest of it. So, would greatly appreciate a breakdown on what some of those fucking descriptions mean, cause whomever wrote it can lick my hot, sweaty, post-workout balls.


* "Overdrive Overdose." Earn your bonus by deploying Overdrive as many times as possible. It doesn't matter how long each Overdrive deployment lasts - the greater the number of Overdrive deployments, the larger the bonus.

Got this down, pretty easy. *for those who have trouble on activating overdrive (why the fuck they didn't allow you to hit the select button for 1st player, and the left trigger for player 2 - think shit thru yo), we've found that a long note at the start of the overdrive or leading up to the end works best. the "shout, or loud noise" advised in the manual is utter horseshit, and I have never gotten to work even with xbox and a ps3 setup with RB3/RB4 mics and sure m58's with USB leads.
* "Streakmania." Build your bonus with each streak of notes (or vocal phrases) achieved by any member of your band. Consecutive streaks grow the bonus at an even faster rate.What the fuck does this even mean? We were killing it on notes and got nothing. Also, nothing question that the manual (and looked up on web), What's up with the yellow lined blue notes

* "Share the Spotlight." Band members take turns performing "in the spotlight." When you're in the spotlight, you're under pressure to achieve a note (or vocal phrase) streak. Doing so hands off the spotlight to another band member. Your bonus grows with each successful hand-off. 2 mics, how the hell is this going to work out, and "spotlight" nothing was different. Even tried to switch mics back and forth, tried to share the 1st mic. Nothing. GF and I had our 1st almost huge blowout over this, and we haven't had any argument in over 2 years not since we just decided to get our own pizza pies.

* "All for One." If all band members play with high accuracy within a song section, your bonus increases. But if even one member fails to make the cut, then no bonus is gained - you'll have to try again in the next song section. Had at lowest %95 on stars and didn't get this how is that even possible?

* "Overdrive Streak." Here, you're rewarded for using Overdrive without breaking streak. The more notes (or vocal phrases) you can streak while deploying Overdrive, the bigger the bonus. So you want large multipliers? Hold on to your overdrive, and then unleash at a wordy part to put it into plain english.

* "Overdrive Chain." This one's about deploying Overdrive for as long a time as possible. Band members can extend their Overdrive time by "chaining together" deployments - so long as one or more players is deploying, the chain continues to build. Longer chains translate to bigger bonuses, so coordinate with your band to time your deployments appropriately. Impossible with mics, it will go off just by signing parts. Anyone have a work around?


So,,.yea if I come of grumpy, there is nothing that pisses me off more than products, that I pay money for (and you should also) that have problems. Problems that are evident after only a day of use, things that either somoen hmade the decision to ignore or the fact is that it is ignorance and stu[idity, oh which I have to say willful neglect is the worse, but not by much. Also, 2 mics plugged and it reads it as 3? You can't even plug in 3 the USB hub trick does not work, so how is that possible. So, if anyone could share tips on some of this stuff that would be super, only found a couple of other sites and it's only review stuff when the game came out.








Since I'm in bitch mode, why wasn't the Kinect designed for apartments? The wide angle lens adaptor is a total POS and takes the resolution down by at least 40% And without it standing the recommended 6-10ft away you are right there at the fucking screen, for any game, and even more with a friend. You have a 100% chance for knocking your friends teeth out. Why the hell didn't they just do 2 equivalent 14mm lens at a fixed length, and let the processor do all the legwork, you could immediately bump up the low light response (just like any fixed lens compared to any zoom for any camera). Like, What. 'Da. Fuck? And on top of it, I am never, ever going to play any stupid game with the Oculus, why? Because they are never, ever going to put leg sensors on it, so 0 total body experience. And, even then, moving around, and cleaning enough space to dance, who has 12 square? Person please I, just like 85% of the world, lives in a population dense environment, and just like that (since we are in a fantasy word now), it means the yoga fad is a dream. Not a reality. And, reality does not go outside, inside we fantsy to our hearts content...unless we are politicians, cause those fuckers live on not on planet earth. And, if I am going to fantasy land then I'm doing it Inside my comfy home, and doing that in proper attire, and even then, it is not going to happen cause if! If. I am going to play make believe I'm going to do it proper. Butt-ass 'nake'd so that the true majesty of my flab, and make-believe-cool-ass cape can be witnessed by my loyal subjects. My1 fucking mint plant that is on the road to recovery after the decimation by the Mojitonites, on the season of the summer heat many were sacrificed, and much refreshment was needed then I'll tell you what.


And even then, driniked up, in my emperors clothes, in my happy home cocoon, I still am not going to do, it cause you need tons of space, that you can't get in 90% of where 85% of the population lives. And that is why the Kinect failed.

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the overdrive ones are the only tricky one

some want you to fill thhe bar..double overdrive.

some want you to set it off at half full..as many times as possible.

overdrive chain...if more then 2 people time it to extend the chain..set em off as one ends.


as for kinect, was a decent first try. we use it for the sports beside that its shit.

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Ok let me explain how all of these work

Firstly even though you have 2 people on the singing microphone, that is still considered 1 player by the games standard.

"Overdrive Overdose" - Just use overdrive at anytime as soon as you get it

"Streakmania" - Hit as many notes as you can without either missing one OR hitting a note that doesn't exist. For vocals all that is needed is to perfect each section in a row, after enough successful ones you will get a spade

"Share the Spotlight" - This is based on the streaking as above, but once your player successfully pulls off a streak, it will go to the next player in line (that has at least 1 note in the current phrase in the song). That said as mentioned you are playing with what the game considers 1 player so in this case, this is the EXACT same as "Streakmania"

"All For One" - Every song (although not every custom as some people are lazy, but most people add these) have practice sections and these sections are also important for this challenge. Every player needs to hit the majority of the notes/phrases (generally with singing because of the low number of phrases you will need to perfect each one), in the section of the song. I think it is 95% of the notes or something, but generally like you can only miss like 2 notes before you screwed up.

"Overdrive Streak" - Once someone has activated overdrive, hit as many notes/phrases without missing until the end of the overdrive. Make sure when on vocals to activate it in a spot where you will still be singing.

"Overdrive Chain" - How long can overdrive be activated, in single player (and your 2 mic thing) I would recommend using all your overdrive once full, and try to gain more overdrive, so do it near a yellow surrounded vocal phrase (which is what gains you overdrive). That said some songs can just screw you with no overdrive activation spots (with 2 singers tho, it is more likely). In multiplayer just make sure players activate theirs just as another players overdrive is ending.

The game doesn't have a set mode to do Harms with only two people, but you do not need to hit all three to get perfects, HECK you do not need to hit two, as long as one of the singers hits it, it will count (you just get more points if 2 or more perfect). But yeah, any singer can sing any part too, and every singer can all sing on solo vox too. Hopefully this helps

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Sorry haven't been on some time, and also got distracted by trying to find this fucking 'token' that does not exist on my profile mage, to say a thank you to the dude who put put up Budgie's breadfan!!! (Rick Flair voice) "Whooooo!" that song rocks, was awesome to hear form the game "Brutal Legand."


Thank you for the reply!!!!! I will diff. read it, and try to apply this knowledge, since it's my Bday, and my only plans are to get wildly drunk with the misuses and sing my terrible heart out, and make the neighbors pay for their vulgar taste in popular music. 

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8 hours ago, yougottamove1980 said:

got distracted by trying to find this fucking 'token' that does not exist on my profile mage...

ya, it used to exist on the old site but has now since been removed. which makes any instruction about acquiring a token obsolete.

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10 hours ago, Jack Tyler Rourke said:

How did you manage to log into the db? I have a couple of songs to upload

I didn't. And can't. And no one is really forthcoming with what to do now since they are currently working on it. As far as I can tell, it's a waiting game unless you somehow had logged your token from the old profile. I didn't think I needed to and now cannot login because I don't have it. Ah well, my songs will always be on YouTube for download and pretty much the reason I don't host them on C3. I don't necessarily need them here.

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13 hours ago, BornGamerRob said:

I didn't. And can't. And no one is really forthcoming with what to do now since they are currently working on it. As far as I can tell, it's a waiting game unless you somehow had logged your token from the old profile. I didn't think I needed to and now cannot login because I don't have it. Ah well, my songs will always be on YouTube for download and pretty much the reason I don't host them on C3. I don't necessarily need them here.

Oh, apologies, my bad. Yeah, now we wait. Don't think it would be too long, but since I actually upload them here, I hope I'll be the first one lol. Thanks for your response

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