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kyrosa WIP Thread

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#1 kyrosa

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Posted July 1, 2020 - 01:22 AM

Hey folks, new-ish charter here. Hoping to get some feedback on my charts before releasing them. I generally try to get them in pretty good shape before adding them here, so they should be mostly playable (in theory, at least.)


Currently, I think I need the most help charting drums, so any advice there would be greatly appreciated. I'm truly terrible at playing RB drums (eternal medium player here), so charting them just doesn't feel natural to me.


What to expect from me here:

Gundam music

General J-Rock/J-Pop songs

Video Game Soundtracks

Alt/Indie Stuff

All Instruments when reasonable (i.e. no keys if it's just a short, uninteresting part, etc.)


What to look elsewhere for:

Metal (Love to listen to it, can't stand to play/chart it in RB. Sorry.)

Progressive anything (See above)

Pro Guitar/Bass (I don't have the controller and it doesn't really interest me)


If that's your bag and if you'd be able to give any advice, I'm very open to any suggestions. Cheers!


Current Focus/Looking for feedback:

Released WIPs Here:







Other WIPs/Future Songs (Not looking for feedback ATM) (Updated 7/9/20)


Gundam Songs:

  • TM Network - Beyond the Time
  • Tomohisa Kawazoe - Stand up to the Victory
  • The Brilliant Green - Ash Like Snow
  • SPYAIR - Rage of Dust

Other Anime/J-Rock/J-Pop:

  • Rookiez is Punk'd - Realize
  • Nico Touches the Wall - Tenchi Gaeshi
  • Rie Fu - For You
  • Deco*27 - RT

Game Music:

  • COIL - Born to be Bone (Gitaroo Man OST)

Alt. & Indie Rock:

  • Stand of Oaks - Shut In
  • GRiZ - Can't Hold Me Down
  • The Frames - Fake
  • Bad Astronaut - Autocare

#2 aothqu

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Posted July 1, 2020 - 04:11 PM

My wife will be happy to hear about the Hozier song. Looking forward to it, and thanks!

#3 kyrosa

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Posted July 2, 2020 - 04:37 AM

My wife will be happy to hear about the Hozier song. Looking forward to it, and thanks!

I've added where I'm at with that one to my Drive; give it a try if you like. Hope both of you enjoy it! Thanks for words of the support!

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