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My first real chart, Apocalypse Orchestra

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#1 bry4nfury24

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Posted June 28, 2020 - 07:40 PM

Hey there!


Im fairly new to this so feedback is welcome. Would love to also do vocals but havent had the time to learn that yet.

Song is

Apocalypse Orchestra - The Garden Of Earthly Delights





#2 jerrylive365

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Posted July 1, 2020 - 06:51 PM

First off let me say, welcome to the charting community! 


I played your chart today and I have to tell you i feel you definitely have a grasp on the tempo mapping! Notes seemed well aligned and I thought the song played out nice and fun, damn long song, but fun =)

However, you do have a few places where you have some room for improvement. There are places in the chart where you have called out the (blue) ride cymbal when it (to me) is clearly a high hat sound. Likewise for some (green) cymbals hits, sounds like the high-hat to me. Also, try making things consistent. In other words, if you have a cymbal with a distinct sound and you use three different colors throughout the song to represent that sound, it can start to feel sloppy. Not saying you cant do that, in many cases you have to improvise the best you can. But well charted drums are consistent throughout the song. Not saying yours are not consistent, just pointing out a pro tip.


I think you are on the right track with this and I like the way it played out. Any plans to finish the other instruments? Keep up the good work! 

If you need assistance in anything feel free to reach out to anyone here. These guys are the best at this stuff and super helpful!!

Looking forward to the revisions =)

#3 bry4nfury24

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Posted July 2, 2020 - 07:12 PM

Thanks for the nice welcome and your feedback! I'm really glad you liked it.


I did use a live version of that song for reference.


Tthats why i charted the cymbals the way I did.

Had I been charting by ear only i probably would have ended up with different cymbal placement.


I'm really not sure about the intro especially the snares.


Thank you again for taking the time!

#4 jerrylive365

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Posted July 4, 2020 - 04:21 PM

Anytime! Let me know when you make some progress on it and I'd be happy to play it again.

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