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Unpitched/screaming vocal charting issues.

vocals customs charting vocal charting issue eof pitched screaming scream unpitched

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#1 Joshwantsmaccas

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Posted June 21, 2020 - 05:39 AM

As the title suggests, I'm having issues with non pitched screaming vocals. My issue is when I make long sustained unpitched notes, once I save on eof and open it back up its all reverted back to the minimum length. Of course I first tried not reopening the file in eof in case reopening the file had something to do with it but no, when I saved it and instantly converted it to a con file and tried to use it on the 360 its still the minimum length for the unpitched notes where i had made long holds of say 8 or 16 bars etc.


This doesn't effect pitched but i don't really feel like pitched notes for screams and yells is the right way to go about this haha. 


Is my issue just because I'm using eof instead of reaper or is it something I'm not turning on or clicking in eof.

Thanks in advance!

#2 FujiSkunk

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Posted June 24, 2020 - 03:43 AM

This does sound like an EOF-specific issue.  Hopefully someone here is familiar enough with EOF to say for sure.


In the meantime, even if you have your reasons for wanting to stick with EOF, it wouldn't hurt to open the MIDI in REAPER, resize those notes to what you want, and then see if the same thing happens when using REAPER's exported MIDI to create your CON.

#3 Joshwantsmaccas

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Posted June 24, 2020 - 05:28 PM

I'd love to do that but I've had nothing but issues everytime I've tried to use reaper. Might be an idea to do so again and try but past experience just hasn't been very rewarding with reaper. Hence sticking to EOF haha. Cheers tho!

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