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How do you play RB with GH drumkit?

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#1 Kusanagi

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Posted June 2, 2020 - 07:14 PM

OK, this time I searched and didn't find anything resembling this question.

I'm trying to look for a drum set so I can play RB in a new instrument, but the closest delivery service only offers the GH drum set, which as everyone knows, has a different configuration from the RB one.

What I want to know is: I had heard they are compatible with Rock Band, so how do they work in RB? Do the pads get remapped? What does the extra pad correspond to?

Also, if I'm wrong and they're not compatible, please let me know. Just because the GH drums are easier to come by here doesn't mean I'll stop searching.


Suck it, Jimmy Page!

#2 hardcoredrummer

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Posted June 2, 2020 - 08:19 PM

sorry i think i was the one that said search the database for your last question.

for this such topic you probably would have found a bunch of stuff with a quick google. perhaps too much from what i remember which can be a bit overwhelming...


anyway the simple answer is that the orange right cymbal doesn't work in rb. everything else is the same. i'm a guitar hero guy originally and had all the drumsets for gh and then started playing rockband...if only gh had no fail mode...:(


you won't be able to play pro drums though...

good news is you can use a simple cable splitter if you have two pedals to do 2x double bass drums.


that or get yourself a yamaha kp65 kick tower or a cheap used ekit kick tower of any brand and you can use a real pedal whether it's double bass or not and that will give you the realest feeling for the kick pedal. that and you will never break it cause it's not plastic...


hope this helps

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