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My Dream List

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#1 Jadz

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Posted May 28, 2020 - 06:43 AM

hi i am italian and i would like to play and sing some songs ... thanks in advance


Rino Gaetano-Ma Il cielo è sempre piú blu
Lucio Battisti-I Giardini Di Marzo
Surgery-Stupida Estate
Il Muro Del Canto-Quando Scende La Notte

then there are many others but I wouldn't want to be greedy😁

#2 Jadz

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Posted May 30, 2020 - 09:43 PM

Hello to everyone if possible these too ...

Area-Gioia e Rivoluzione
Area-luglio agosto settembre nero
Banco Del Muto Soccorso-RIP
Lucio Dalla-Telefonami tra vent'anni
Litfiba-Fata Morgana https://youtu.be/J1JgxzX7irQ
Litfiba-Tex https://youtu.be/O39DT7jjRJw
Marlene Kuntz-Nuotando nell'aria https://youtu.be/l8p3oWFSbrk
Afterhours-Quello che non c'è https://youtu.be/DVRf6zoFbyE
Baustelle-Charlie fa surf https://youtu.be/TY8ULqPXErs
Baustelle-Amanda Lear https://youtu.be/TY8ULqPXErs
CCCP-Io sto bene https://youtu.be/D1XGtVv2Lm8
PFM-Impressioni Di Settembre https://youtu.be/OzbDUbu1lMM
Kardia-Settembre https://youtu.be/X8Gez2-YwnE
Lucio Battisti-Ancora Tu https://youtu.be/-M89AcCkfSQ
Rino Gaetano-Ad esempio a me piace il sud https://youtu.be/2mrQJhRU8Ss
Vasco-Senza Parole https://youtu.be/h3BLi9h-Ygw
Vasco-Una Canzone per te https://youtu.be/uW182mQqCjQ
Vasco-Gli Spari Sopra https://youtu.be/P90mLVdunEc
jovanotti-Il più grande spettacolo dopo il big bang https://youtu.be/PIvkvpfhEag
Maneskin-Torna a Casa https://youtu.be/ZZjnfWx0cvw

#3 Shroud

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Posted May 31, 2020 - 07:46 AM

I have been already thinking about creating a spin-off for Italian music Rock Band, but I am still a beginner charter with only 4 customs made and a long list of songs in English I would like to chart first.

The hard truth is also that few people would be interested... When you learn charting, post your first custom and see even just 100 people downloading it, it gives you a feeling that what you've done matters. I mean, even if maybe half of them will dislike the way I charted that song, there are still 50 people somewhere in the world who appreciated my efforts. If I chart Italian songs there'd probably 3-4 downloads at most :) particularly because my own tastes are far from mainstream, although for the sake of spreading some culture about the history of Italian music I would also chart famous songs.

That said, great taste there! :) If I ever embark in such a project, Litfiba would be one of the first bands I would do because they are very appropriate for the game, and one of my favourite anyway. Franco Battiato, Bluvertigo, Gianna Nannini and Matia Bazar would also work very well. Area is actually another of my absolute favourites but charting them would probably kill my mental sanity :D I mean, they practically combined progressive rock with jazz, and had out-of-this-world vocal experimentation, can hardly get more difficult than that...

#4 Jadz

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Posted May 31, 2020 - 09:18 AM

😅😅THX for reply me

an ambitious project, I know. I wanted to create them myself, but I couldn't understand the various steps to create the song.😬

#5 Jadz

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Posted June 2, 2020 - 09:20 AM

keeping what was written before, I make a new more international request ...

Aphrodite's Child-It's Five O'Clock
Aphrodite's Childs-The four horsemen
Ennio Morricone-Un sacco bello
Daft Punk-The Grid (Tron o.s.t.) https://youtu.be/S5S6s5dZXNM
Hans Zimmer-Time (instrumental core remix) https://youtu.be/_BJ9AJ7iwIg
Alan Walker-On my way https://youtu.be/dhYOPzcsbGM
Eagles-Hotel California live unplugged https://youtu.be/5EHyht_Kx5I
Big Deal-Dream machines https://youtu.be/hkCQmhyigAA
Big Deal-Teradactol https://youtu.be/lCDH8Xrl3AQ
joy Division-Atmosphere https://youtu.be/1EdUjlawLJM
Rilo Kiley-Always https://youtu.be/P49daSSXv8k
Stu Phillips-Knight Rider https://youtu.be/DdmmrvT8jLA
Uriah Heep-Gipsy https://youtu.be/b_5CgNbo0ns
Uriah Heep-Come back to me https://youtu.be/eyaT2Hk3sCc
Deep Purple-Strange kind of woman(live in japan) https://youtu.be/_NNRAXWjGBc

Sadside Project-Analog Landscape https://youtu.be/vqXCFgIP9xg
Munchausen by Proxy-Uh-huh https://youtu.be/z6Q6YwOvDy4
Munchausen by Proxy-Sweet Ballad https://youtu.be/7VPxnUJi8wc
Peter Griffin ft Michael Moore-Fart song https://youtu.be/ySboWtK7Jow
Alan Silvestri-Back To The Future https://youtu.be/e8TZbze72Bc
Gigi D'Agostino- L'Amour Toujours https://youtu.be/w15oWDh02K4


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