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Fundraiser to save a life.

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Hey guys! Sorry for this post, but i have to do it.

Our friends’ 11-month baby due incompetency of our medical workers here in Minsk now has third stage cancer and requires urgent treatment to be held in Germany. Family is now raising the funds for this to happen so if anyone wants to participate i can send you the payment details. Every cent matters. Direct-to-bank transfers and card transfers accepted.

Feel free to spread the word and sorry if this ruined anyone’s mood. PM me if you wanna help and thank everyone in advance.


to moderators: if this post doesn't belong here,or needs to be reworded somehow feel free to remove it or reach out to me, no offense here.

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Thanks to generous people 1/3 goal of this campaign has been reached in two days. Thank you to all reaching out, hopefully we're through with this sooner rather than later. The treatment program is on pause right now as to initial plan so it gives some time for everyone for help and support.

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Huge thanks once again to all the good people around reaching out to help. Just a quick update here.


Kostya (yeah, I just realized i never introduced the kid) has just passed the 4th stage of chemotherapy and will be recovering for a short while before moving on to ray therapy next week combined with chemo. I should say the kid is a true warrior and recovers quickly which is a true miracle of life considering he's 1-year old.


Overall the treatment goes according to the plan and that's truly a good sign.


As to the funding goal, we're close to reaching the mid-goal and that's also really impressive.


Words can't express the gratitude to all the people taking part in charity and helping people across the people. Love and kindness are true powers humanity needs so badly. I wish peace, love and health to all the people here and across the globe. And special thanks go to this awesome community in particular.

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Two days ago Kostya turned 1 year!


Currently he's passed 6 stages of chemotherapy and is going through ray therapy. The best thing to know right now is that recent U/S showed that the cancer has been stopped from spreading for now, though the ray therapy is hard to go through when you've just turned 1 year old.


Thanks once again to all the kind souls donating for this cause. Your donations and prayers help a lot.


Stay safe, people, and God bless you.

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Important update!


I'm glad to bring the news that fundraising goal has been reached. Kostya still has a lot to go through but thanks to all the kind people the cure became much closer. Thank you all for giving this little kid the chance.

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