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Awesome work! with the ability to play customs songs. 2 mics and tons of booze and GF and I are very, very happy. But, before I even attempt to start doing my own customs and pay it back , there are some serious problems that I need some help with, and will try to compose as clear as possible (PS I am not a serious guy so I try to at least come off funny).


1. Am over the 3000 limit, but have no idea how this is so (working backward here). Quickpack editor shows 5033 songs, which has multiple instances of the same song (What?). Now, that is coming from 2,777 songs from my merged folder of which I had original 2,792 cons. This is my 3rd attempt because I did it before with the MIDI clean (soo may songs crap out or freeze, and I was so sad, angry, and distraught that a freeze would kill any progress, and erase all my hard work for fans and outfits..I just want to add tattoos had 1.5mil and still had not gotten that). I thought that a cleaned MIDI would work then cons>ps3 type 2, w/ fix looping, but that was even worse. Nothing worked. So, to reiterate, loop fix, type 3 encode, not doing MIDI clean: normal cons starting at 2,792 > 2,777 PS3 folder files (have 84 downloaded /game -not custom) with 5,033 in the .dta. How, or what is going on? Why are there 2 instances for songs in the .dta file (including the log).


2. Is this really as simple that on the conversion of songs are not putting their files as "_rb3con" I see a ton of songs just labeled with names, example "ACDCSchoolDays." I've looked hard for anything to explain this and have yet to get an answer on my search. I just have a very hard time understanding how you can have "x" and lose a tons of them in a conversion with 0 accountability. Also, read that you don't want to do all your files convert as once, and in 100 batches, WHAT? Big batches affect it?


I would like to think myself somewhat 'there', used to work on planes, so like to follow directions, but this entire setup has been a utter nightmare. I had mini breakdowns over this entire process, and not understand why I'm losing songs, freezing all the time (RHPS - papp patootie last 10 sec. freeze -- almost lit my couch on fie with my rage), and that along with a 3000 limit that is not 3000, scores don't keep even when it was working (how else is a couple about to turn game scores into favors/chores/dinners...other stuff). Also, don't do online play (only local), only bought 2 songs that I liked (but bought codes for country pack), but do senenabler and psnpatch so can always have my account work.


Topic: Help much appreciated on how to fix my 3000 songs that are not 3000.


Help apprenticed.


Also, glad to see the PS3 convert is back (was looking for that and it was not coming up in searches)

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A few quick suggestions here:


- the game is limited to ~2952 songs, if you add more songs in the DTA file the game will ignore them


- when converting songs to PS3 always choose encryption Type 3


- do not enable "fix looping when converting" by default, as it can occasionally break songs which don't need the fix


- songs that freeze the PS3 are not that many but they are always multitrack; you can fix them yourself if you accept to turn them into single-track, otherwise ask the author for a PS3-friendly version; some of these songs are listed here: http://customscreators.com/index.php?/topic/18182-ps3-customs-not-working-due-to-multiple-drums-tracks/


- songs that loop (get stuck) at the end can be fixed in different ways, you can find instructions here: http://customscreators.com/index.php?/topic/18294-ps3-current-situation-with-loop-ending-affected-songs/


- names of the customs do not matter


- there is a possibility that some customs have a format error in their individual DTA file (although I have not encountered any yet); if you convert and merge such custom, all the songs in the merged DTA after this custom will not load into the game; this is the only reason why it is not a good idea to convert and merge very large batches at once, because if you stumble upon a custom with a format error it will be difficult to find

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first thank you for the reply. So, for your .dta file is it normal for multiple instances of a single song? I mean I'm just still trying to figure out the math of this and ho to fix it. Do we have a secret collective of Ps3 owners who have fixed songs so that they do not freeze that I can join. Is there a secret handshake.

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first thank you for the reply. So, for your .dta file is it normal for multiple instances of a single song?

Did you remove the files from the PS3/CON folder after converting a batch? I am not sure but I think that if you leave them there, they will be added again to the DTA file next time. I can't think of another reason from duplicates.


Do we have a secret collective of Ps3 owners who have fixed songs so that they do not freeze that I can join.

Normally they can't be fixed without losing the multitracks, and most people don't like that, so when we find a freezing song we ask the original author to re-build it in Magma using the original audio tracks to become PS3-friendly and repost it to the database.


On the other hand, if you want to do it yourself and don't mind it becoming single-track, there are tutorials here on the forums for C3 CON Tools (to extract the audio using the Phase Shift Converter) and Magma (to rebuild the CON).

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to answer #1 everything was going fine. was doing converting in groups of 100, got up to 1200, and so far only had 5 songs just disappear (WTF is up witht that! no duplicates anywhere deleted any and poof songs are gone). converting would be from con with merge option, never had a less that 100%, and then delete all 100 from con folder as I go. .dta file NOW refuses to update, and now has duplicates. How did you do yours? I have a total of 2792cons and 83 on PS3. I would then transfer thru FTP all merged songs every 400. But, now I am royaly fucked. and even trying to switch the 1200 into: songs to merge, and merged, is doing nothing, also have tried blank .dta files.


I feel like something is up with the program itself and has a cache (have I7 with 8gb ram so its not on my end with 1tb memory pretty much empty), but for everything I've seen even offering a suggestions that some updates should happen to the program CON tools is hearsay. Like;

1. why do we even have options on encoding if it should be type 3 only.

2. Why can't we just add to the .dta file thru pack editor and not that complicated step in PS# convert. Also, I have yet to see a checklist that would fix all these problems at that start for when building songs so you didn't have to go back and rebuild them. I am a huge fan of checklists and trying to include all the info for a 5 year old so stuff like this does not happen later on. the 300 song limit that is not 300 is a great example of this where I never saw it on the FAQ until i went over and had to research.


I'm so close I can taste it if I can just get this MF'er to work. then I'l work on building waylon jennings tracks that are extended.

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How did you do yours?

I do pretty much the same except my batches are much smaller, usually 10 or 20 or 30 customs each time.


I have kept a backup of the dta file after each batch just in case I had to roll back, but I never needed (yet). If you have a backup of your dta file at a time when everything was loading up fine, try using that. You don't have to delete any files from the PS3, just replace the current songs.dta file with an older version that was working.


If you don't have a backup, you could still try editing the dta by removing chunks of songs from the end of it (new merged songs are added at the end, so basically you can try removing the most recent songs to roll back manually until it works).


Alternatively you can just give up and start with an empty dta file, reconvert everything that you remember was working fine in the game, and restart from there.

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1. I don't know the history of the 3 encryption types but I think they were added to the tools one by one, each being an improvement from the previous. I suggest type 3 because I never heard someone have problems with it, while for example some people are still saying that they have to tinker with type 2 delay value. I am not sure but I think I heard that type 3 represents a kind of encryption meant for PS3 freebies.


2. The PS3 converter is the LEAST complicated option we have. Maybe it is possible with C3 tools functions to do all the steps manually, at least your can extract all files from the CON, encrypt only the midi, convert album art... but the point of the PS3 converter section is that it does all the needed steps for you in one button press. Separate functions are there in case you want to replace a single file for some reason (like changing the cover art, fix notes in the midi, change info shown in the songs list in game).

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hum. something to think about. I'm just one of those types of people who, especially, when it comes to programs; wants to know what exactly is going on. And, having it where random stuff happens drives be batshit insane. I had the "songs to merge" file just disappear yesterday, and still having the dta file add doubles is a constant WTF? So, at this time doing converts in batches of 100, and going to do the merge at the final end instead of merge after each batch on convo. let's hope this works out. If I didn't say it before, thanks for your time to help a dude out.


Actually I am wimping out and having my xbox 360 sent out of storage, I figure that waiting another 2 weeks, and a enormous shipping bill is nothing on how this entire operation has consumed my life, and basically taken over my idea of fun while in quarantine. I was at a point that I would seriously knife a person if all the songs to rocky horror would not crash. dark... dark times.

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It really should just work with minimal effort. Personally, I have only ever noticed a couple of issues when running C3 CON TOOLS on very old machines (e.g. Windows Vista), such as very rarely the program stopping conversions in the middle of the batch, or being unable to convert album art (definitely a problem of the OS and not the TOOLS). I'll leave the more technical answers to someone else, but make sure you checked instructions and requirements http://customscreators.com/index.php?/topic/9095-c3-con-tools-v390-92015/


One thing that just came to my mind, as I noticed you mention the "Songs to merge" folder. Perhaps you are first converting and then merging. I have never used this option. I can't believe that using this option is the reason for getting duplicates but who knows. Anyway, I have always left the "Merge new songs with existing" option enabled. This means that I simply copy all the customs I want to convert to the ps3\CONs folder, click the Begin button, and the tools updates the DTA file and creates folders with converted files under the ps3\Merged Songs folder. I never had anything to do with the "Songs to Merge" folder.

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