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Underrepresented genre: Post-Rock

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#1 fastbuck

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Posted May 2, 2020 - 01:05 PM

just wondering if anyone is working on any customs in the post-rock genre. for full band i only found one "explosions in the sky" song and there were some guitar only customs by mangolatango at some time in the database, but these seems to be removed.


these must be an epic joy to play on guitar on drums. there are so many great bands to recommend:

. mogwai

- 65daysofstatic

- godspeed you black emperor

- hood

- coda

- mono

- explosions in the sky

- laura

- kinski

- magyar posse

- manyfingers

- yellow6

- do make say think

- the evpatoria report

- my education

- a silver mount zion

- international karate

- gregor samsa

- the samuel jackson five

- the french teen idol

- sgt.


etc. etc.



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