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I've had 1700-1800 songs working fine and I'm adding around 350 songs. The customs are mixed, some came from C3, and the other half was from DLC ripped from Xbox 360, converted into PS3.


The thing is, I might have downloaded some duplicate DLC songs that I already had, would that be the cause of the problem? Or would the problem be the customs from C3?


I think it's a songs.dta problem as well, I used the old one with 1700-1800 songs again and it worked, but when I used the new songs.dta with +350 songs it's freezing after pressing Play Now/Get Started


Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.

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This is most likely an issue with one or multiple songs .dta file. I would load the previous .dta that you know works then add the remaining 350 songs in batches to identify which song(s) may be the one that is the issue.


I'd suggest loading them in smaller batches in the future to help with the identification of the one that may be causing issues.

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