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Seru Giran - La grasa de las capitales - need tempo map

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Hello, guttenmorgen, boinas !

As the title says, i need help with tempo mapping, i've made some charts on my own,mostly old videogames ( on feedback ) and i tried many times on charting this song in particular but to no avail :/

And now in the mist of this quarantine i've decided to try once again but looking for some help since a " normal " song never has the same tempo and gets quite difficult to me atlest D:

Here is the song :


f someone is already working on it tell me so i can lend a hand if needed or delete this post !

Para aquellos que hablen en español :

Hace rato que quiero chartear esta canción pero no doy pie con bola en cuanto al tempo, si alguien me da una mano con el tempo estaría mas que agradecido, después de las notas me encargaría completamente yo, asique gracias de antemano !

Thanks in advance !

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Hey, that's a great song from one of my favorite bands! I can help you if you want!

Really ? oh man ! i'll be more than thrilled !! as i stated in this post i need help with tempo, then i can work around the chart


Also i saw your post about future songs, so if you want i can help, i love to see some Cerati for RB3

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