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And Now....The Customs: Jesus Christ Superstar [Help Wanted]

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So this has been in the work for a bit, between myself, bsBloom, and Emotional Flight.

Currently the plan is to bring nine (8) songs from the Original Studio Cast Recording of Jesus Christ Superstar, and one (1) track from the Motion Picture Soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar.




We (or at least myself) would like to do more. There is a possibility that between the three of us, that we could one of two more tracks to the list of songs we are getting done, but getting other people involved would be a big help.


Currently, these are the tracks planned:


(bsBloom, Emotional Flight, Hamiltron)



Heaven On Their Minds

Everything's Alright


I Don't Know How to Love Him


King Herod's Song

Could We Start Again Please


(Emotional Flight)

Peter's Denial (Already in Database)

Pilate's Dream


What's The Buzz?/Strange Thing Mystifying

As of writing we have finished one song, and are in the process of two others. Which those two others are will be revealed upon release of Pack 1, which leads me to.....

We will be releasing songs in packs, with at least 3 in each pack. We don't have any dates in mind, when they are done, they'll be released simple as that.

Now, if you (yes, you) would like to help out in anyway. (Helping us with the current songs, doing songs not listed, etc) Send me a DM, and I'll respond as quickly as I can.


Pack 01 Has Arrived! (4-7-2020)




Heaven on Their Minds


Pilate's Dream


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