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Ballads, Remixes and More

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#1 ThePsyCrow

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Posted March 7, 2020 - 12:22 AM

Good day to you all. 


As with all my requests, Drums is my favorite instrument to see made, but all sources are welcome. Here's a list of songs and genres that i've searched for, or don't see much of that I think would be different and cool to see made. Let me know in the comments if any surprise you or find to be interesting picks. Thanks again for check them out and taking a look at some more requests.


Ballads: Who doesn't like a nice ballad time to time.


Dreams Come True- Sweet Dream (1992) This song is the live version of the song sang during the end credits of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 after you beat Robotnik and sonic is falling from the sky.



Robin Hood:Men in Tights- Marian

From one of my favorite Mel Brooks movies, Marian is the ending song to the movie. Call the Locksmith!!




Remixes: Some unique Remixes I like


Jaws Club Remix- I love how this one hits hard during the breakdown. Thought it was pretty cool and a option to throw out there.  



Ode to Killers- Any Dead By Daylight fans? This is a rap remix you may like.



Comix Zone OST- Comix Zone was one of the most original and creative sega genesis games ever made. It had a killer sound track capturing that 90's sound. 



Skitchin' OST= Skitchin was another unique game, like the Road Rash series but focused on Roller Blading. This soundtrack had some killer drums, guitar and tracks capturing the 90's grunge and metal scene. Worth Checking out!



The Merkins- Friends with No Faces The Merkins do horror remixes of songs. This one is based upon the Garth Brooks song.



Cannibal Holocaust-Sad Theme  This is a remix off of the sad theme from the movie. 



Bruce Faulconer-Kid Buu Theme  I gotta throw this one in , Kid Buu was a beast and had a great theme. DBZ baby!



Other Requests


Weird Al- Achy Breaky Song  I'm surprised with all the Weird Al out there i haven't seen this one charted. Its one of the best ones he did. 


Bee Gee's- Too Much Heaven  I haven't seen this one charted either or i'm looking in the wrong location. Great song!


Escala- Palladio I've always like a blend of classical and modern music. 


Sheena Easton- A Dream Worth Keeping : From the movie Ferngully. Her Vocals are so pretty!


Dave Matthews Band-The Space Between



#2 ThePsyCrow

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Posted March 24, 2020 - 12:07 PM

Bumping Post!  Hope someone out there thought some of these entry's were cool or would be fun to make

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