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These are some songs I would like to see made as customs. (Preferably full band)

I chose to put all my requests in one go so that i don't forget to put any afterwards.

There might be some songs that most charters might not know but I still put them anyways just in case.

Thanks in advance to anybody who will actually charts these songs.


ABBA-Voulez Vous


April Wine-Oowatanite (In database but only has drums)

April Wine-Roller

April Wine-You Could Have Been A Lady

Airbourne-Stand Up For Rock 'N' Roll

Airbourne-Live It Up

Airbourne-Back In The Game

The Ataris-Radio #2

B'z- Friction

Band Of Horses-Wicked Gil

Biffy Clyro-Modern Magic Formula

Billy Talent-Turn Your Back

Bloc Party-The Prayer

Burning Brides-Heart Full Of Black

Chronic Future-Static On The Radio

Danko Jones-Full Of Regret

Danko Jones-Code Of The Road

Dinosaur Jr.-Almost Ready

Eagles-Hole In The World

Econoline Crush-All That You Are

Fall Out Boy-Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued

Feeder-Miss You

From Fiction-Terry

Gob-I've Been Up These Steps

Gob-Sick With You

Gob-Oh! Ellin

Green Carnation-Pile Of Doubt

Harlequin-I Did It For Love

Harlequin-Thinking Of You (In database but only has drums)

Jet-Get What You Need

Kaiser Chiefs-Saturday Night

Kim Mitchell-Rock 'N' Roll Duty

The Kings-This Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Sweet Home Alabama (Studio Version)

Motley Crue-Wild Side (In database but only has drums)


No Age-Sleeper Hold

The Offspring-Nitro (Youth Energy)

The Offspring-Blackball

Phantom Planet-Do The Panic

Poison-Look What The Cat Dragged In

The Police-Don't Stand So Close To Me 86'

Preistess-I Am The Night, Colour Me Black

Puddle Of Mudd-Famous

The Rifles-The Great Escape

Rise Against-Survive

Rise Against-Lanterns

Rise Against-Zero Visibility

Scissor Sisters-Take Your Mama

Scissor Sisters-Filthy/Gorgeous

Slade-Cum On Feel The Noize

Steel Panther-Poontang Boomerang

Stone Temple Pilots-Down


Sweet-Action (Original Version)

Tragically Hip-Fully Completely (In database but only has drums)

Tragically Hip-All Tore Up

Tragically Hip-New Orleans Is Sinking

Tragically Hip-Boots Or Hearts

Tragically Hip-Bobcaygeon

Trans Am-Play In The Summer

Trans Am-Music For Dogs

Trans Am-Positive People

Treble Charger-American Psycho

The Trews-Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Kiss Kiss


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Nice to see some Canadian classics in there!

There is a TEB-Graduate that was on here...


If i could suggest a few by Gob.

Give up the grudge has guitar so full band be nice and Ming Tran if you don't go older like Self appointed leader or beauville.


econoline crush - sparkle and shine, you don't know what it's like



Oh how about some

ubiquitous synergy seeker (USS)

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I might end up releasing Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me this year. It's already tempo mapped and the drums are finished.


Also, I love the (older) Kaiser Chiefs and The Offspring, but I will be releasing songs that aren't those ones sometime in the future (Dirty Magic, namely).


Hope that's good enough! Something to look forward to :)

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  • 7 months later...
6 hours ago, Jack Tyler Rourke said:

Hey there, brother. I'm here to shamelessly promote my customs repository. You can find "Freewheel Burning" (and other songs) there, since I'm yet to upload it to the C3 database and I would really appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for letting me know about your chart, I appreciate it a lot my man.

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