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Pokémon Multilanguage Project

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Posted February 14, 2020 - 11:25 PM

My idea is to chart most (If not all) of the foreign versions of the original Pokémon theme by Jason Paige. So far, I have uploaded the Finnish, German, and French dubs of the theme. This is what's left for me to make.


- Glówny Temat Pokémon - Janusz Radek (Polish)

- Pokémon főcímdal - Németh Attila (Hungarian)

- Pokémon Tema - Michael Elo (Danish)

- Tema Pokémon - Henrique Feist (European Portuguese)

- Покемон-тема - Владмимр Сухин (Russian)



The only problem is since I'm using the original chart by "dr waffles", the Vocal tracks have the English lyrics instead of the lyrics that go with the foreign dubs. So if anyone is willing to help me in reworking the vocals for these dubs, please leave a comment in this thread, or DM me, Either one is fine.

Gotta Translate em' all!


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