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The Masters Project: Songs In Rock Band That Haven't Gotten Their Original/Studio Versions Made as a Custom

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I need some clarification. Are we allowed to post an original version if Harmonix has a re-recorded version? Like basically every twister sister dlc is

I believe so. I remember checking the rules on posting customs and there was a rule that stated you were allowed to make customs for official Harmonix songs that use a re-recorded version instead of the original. Otherwise, I wouldn't list the re-recordings.

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Thanks for telling me guys. I had already made changes to the list to accommodate to these statements.

Also (not that is is wholly important) The Who has a recording of Summertime Blues that predates the Leeds show (found in the deluxe version of The Who Sells Out)

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kinda new to CC but I have a question, is there a thread or a drive or smthn one or many people converted the harmonix songs to customs that can be downloaded without buying them? i'm missing a lot of classics bcz of that :( thank u

This thread should answer all your questions:


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thank you i guess.. this goes to another question, how come people ARE making customs of official releases ? I saw some here and there

Question: are these songs on this website?

If Yes: it’s most likely a different version of the song (I.e a studio version of a live song)

If No: that’s the rules of that website

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