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The first song (Cra$ies) was a late single I did for Halloween

The rest of the starting list (the other top 5 songs) were done for a New Zealand pack I did, though this too was late as I wanted to release it on Australia day as both a funny gag and maybe a protest. However you want to look at it, NZ makes great music that needs to be recognized as such. Also 'I See Red' is so far the hardest song I have ever done for keys (I have keys for other people before, but this takes the cake)

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Woah I am missing so many of the customs I have done since the last one, well lets fix that.

Another song about the Weekend (Accoustic) was added on July the 8th, it was made in only to celebrate the release of the Team Fabulous 2 Reanimated as it is the credits song

Revenge was added on August the 1st mostly because I started that at 1 in the morning as a joke and I am someone to take a joke seriously so I finished it.

Let's Get This Terrible Party Started  was added on August 20th, it was made for Ultimate_Mang0s birthday (although it was late) since he helps me all the time with charts (and visa versa)

What If I am Hurt Again By You was added on September 19th the same day Garret released the Album it was featured on, since listening to that album, definitely in my WIP list although not for a very long time.

And Finally Müssen Nur Wollen was added today (well at least is in the process of being added, may take a bit before it is actually up). I made that because it is my favorite song (at least for the moment my brain changes that pretty quick) and I thought it would be a great song to share. I delayed the release of it also to be along side my birthday too to make it special (even then I only had it finished like just over a week ago)

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