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In Rock Band 4?





For me .. I'd like RB4 to actually work for more than a few songs. It's almost unplayable now for me after 2-3 songs.

Freezes or starts to stutter which just kills the game for me. So i've hardly been playing. Customs only mostly now.


As for a future RB game, I'd love for them to return the UI display of Rb3. Rb4 is so ugly and still lacks any real creativity.

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In guitar hero 5 you could organize songs by difficulty by EACH instrument, so drums difficulty, keys difficulty, etc. That would be so nice whenever I'm trying to get a friend into drums when they usually only play guitar/bass. another thing i wish you could do is sort by stars scores for each instrument, it's a big hassle that I have to break out my drums just to check which songs i don't have 5 stars on drums. the ability to organize by the lighter reviews of EACH profile.


if we're talking features that would be dope but not AT ALL reasonable to expect would ever happen??


Background music video option, like phase shift/clone hero.

plugging more than 3 mics at a time, and the game would just track only 3 of those mics, it'd be REALLY convenient to set up 4 mic stands and never have to move the mics around whenever different people want to sing.

customizable max multiplier effect

customizable overdrive effect

AIM no longer being necessary, scoring all 5 instruments with the vocals getting overdrive, difficulty selection, and a results screen.

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