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Announcing the Stage Kit Optimization Project! ("Oh Yeah!" 1-16-2020)

SKOP Stage Kit Venues Custom

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#1 Hamiltron

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Posted January 13, 2020 - 02:31 AM

I'm happy to announce the Stage Kit Optimization Project, or as I call it, SKOP!


But Hamiltron, what is The Stage Kit Optimization Project?


(It's pronounced SKOP) Glad you asked!


SKOP is an effort to add venues to songs that lack them.

But what makes it an optimization for Stage Kits, you ask?

Well songs without custom venues or auto generated ones often display a blue light for the duration of the song. For use stage kit users it is boring.


While it is not really noticeably during gameplay for those without stage kits, as the stage is just lit up without any special effects or such, it still doesn't pop as do those with custom lighting or fully authored pieces.


What I, and perhaps others (lemme know if you wanna help) hope to accomplish with this is simply making songs in the C3 database 'complete', by finishing up those songs by topping em off with a custom venue.


But Hamiltron! What drew you to start this project?


Ah yes, another question.

I would love to fully author songs for the C3 database, but unfortunately I lack the time as a college student. How ever I was determined to somehow help out this community so I figured out how to finish off venues when 

I realized my favorite songs don't react to my newly acquired stage kit.


So, Hamiltron! You're really new to this, what makes you qualified to trust you with my sweet, sweet charts?


Valid question. I am quite new to this, but I feel pretty confident that I have a grasp on the venue process, the lighting side of things at least. I don't intend on doing custom cam work.

It should be noted that I am a theater nerd of sorts and have taken a few college courses that have had units on light design, so I'd like to apply what I've learned from there to Rock Band.


Alright, I'm sold, how can I have my song get a custom venue by you?


Great question!

Since I'm the only person on this project, I can only do so many songs at a time. And on top of that, I'm a bit picky :/ (Please don't hate me) So I won't do every song that is asked to for me to add a venue to. (Hence why I hope to get others involved)


But that being said, what songs pique my interest?
Classic Rock

Novelty (Think Weird Al or songs from Video Games)

Broadway/Musicals/Movie Sound Tracks



Sure fire ways for me to pick up your song is for it to be on my Mega Request Thread. Those I will gladly help with.


So you have a song for me? You can either send me a message here, in the comments of this thread, or on Discord, if you're in the Discord, and I shall respond accordingly. 


I may even contact you to see if I could work on your song, there are lots I have in mind that I'd like to add venues to and that I have some visions for.


The main requirement for a song to be picked up is that all the other track parts that are present in the song are complete, as well as all difficulties. Then I can come in and finish off the song with a venue and it should complete the song.


Just put my name in the description as the one who made the venue of your C3 entry, and you're all set. I'll also put it in this thread as having been part of SKOP.



That being said, I am currently working on the first two releases. These songs are already in the database, and I have contacted the appropriate authors to receive permission to work on their songs. They'll appear here in this thread as soon as they are deemed complete.


WIP Songs:




Complete, but not yet Released

--Mystery 1--

--Mystery 2--

David Bowie - Speed of Life (Authored by HighFlyingBirds)



Released Songs:


This one was a collab with IMMCTNTJK, who did the authoring of the instruments. We managed to pump this out 6 hours after the release of the song, and I managed to do the venue lighting within 14 minutes in between classes. Woah.

#2 HighFlyingBirds

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Posted January 13, 2020 - 03:53 AM

I would be delighted if you would perform venues in my songs since, honestly, I don't know how to perform them. The songs that I have uploaded and that I plan to upload I think that they do not agree with your requirements but in case more people join to perform venues, I will be happy to provide my songs!

#3 doa

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    Northern CA

Posted January 13, 2020 - 05:59 AM

Sounds like a cool project (alas I don't know anything about venues yet).

#4 JDK_13

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    Seattle, Washington

Posted January 13, 2020 - 09:56 PM

Oh dang this is smart

The 2nd youngest member might be me.

#5 Hamiltron

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Posted January 16, 2020 - 11:26 PM

The First Song Has Been Released!

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