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IaSg14 Clone Hero customs

Clone Hero Customs IaSg14

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#81 IaSg14

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Posted June 27, 2020 - 02:43 PM

All the charts for June have been released so here's the rundown:


Hotter Than Hell
Love Her All I Can
Sweet Pain

Three great early tracks from KISS before they became bloated with corporate prostitution. All three tracks have some fun solos but the most fun on guitar has to be Love Her All I Can. Lots of great HOPO sections in that one! I'm also pretty happy with how the DIY outros went for the other two tracks too. Great pack, in my opinion!

Franz Ferdinand 01
Cheating On You

You know, I nearly charted Evil And A Heathen instead of Jacqueline but after listening to that song again, decided we needed a more fun one on guitar. Jacqueline has plenty of great riffs throughout and even though it's the last song of the pack, it's a banger of an album opener. I'm also thankful that I changed the charting of the guitar chords in the Cheating On You chorus to be WAY less awkward. However, the rapid strumming solo in 40' is still pretty tricky; feel free to make that a strum lane if you convert it to RB3.

Classic Rock 01
Let It All Out - Ram Jam
Drivin' Wheel - Foghat
Shinin' On - Grand Funk Railroad

It's about time I did a full Classic Rock variety pack. All three songs are great fun on guitar and pretty damn good on bass too. Lots of great HOPOs sections, fun chord sequences and generally just awesome Classic Rock tunes. My favourite is definitely Drivin' Wheel, even if it does have the easiest solo. The main riff feels so great to nail and whilst the DIY outro isn't my finest work, I'm proud of the chart overall.

Journey 01
Keep On Runnin'
Lay It Down
Dead Or Alive

Yup, three songs from Escape have been charted. We're a couple of steps closer to having that album fully charted, folks! To be honest, all three tracks are great on guitar and bass although Dead Or Alive is easily the most challenging on both. The main riff for that song is charted almost identically on guitar and bass but whilst guitar mostly uses strum notes, bass has HOPOs so you've got two ways of playing the same melody. However, Keep On Runnin' is my favourite song from the list and I definitely recommend that one if you want to hear some amazing vocals.

Four more packs are coming in July so get ready to experience these packs soon:

Monster Magnet 01
At The Movies 01
The Temperance Movement 01
Mixed Singles

#82 WonderWaage

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Posted June 29, 2020 - 07:51 AM

Most of these are fun on guitar... Especially Journey, Classic Rock 01, and Love Her All I Can. The Franz Ferdinand pack is... Franz Ferdinand, but it's all killer no filler in terms of bangers.

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