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New charts again! It's a Ghost 3-pack with charting contributions from @WonderWaage. Kiss the Go-Goat Mary on a Cross Idolatrine Genuinely don't know what's taken everyone so long to get those 2019

I'm back and I see you lot have redecorated! Oh well, here are some packs I've released so far this month! Goth Rock 01 Preacher Man - Fields Of The Nephilim Spiritwalker - The Cult This

Time for another quick update! Video Game Singles 02 Al's Toy Barn - Andy Blythe & Marten Joustra Fighting Johnny Vincent - Shawn Lee Megamix Mania - Nicolas Tremblay Here are 3 ca

Yeah, I don't envy you for tackling them, especially since I didn't really tempo map the keys sections until bass came in.
Guitar and bass are pretty fun in that chart even without keys, though!

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Yeah, I don't envy you for tackling them, especially since I didn't really tempo map the keys sections until bass came in.

Guitar and bass are pretty fun in that chart even without keys, though!

It looks alright!

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All the charts for June have been released so here's the rundown:


Hotter Than Hell
Love Her All I Can
Sweet Pain

Three great early tracks from KISS before they became bloated with corporate prostitution. All three tracks have some fun solos but the most fun on guitar has to be Love Her All I Can. Lots of great HOPO sections in that one! I'm also pretty happy with how the DIY outros went for the other two tracks too. Great pack, in my opinion!

Franz Ferdinand 01
Cheating On You

You know, I nearly charted Evil And A Heathen instead of Jacqueline but after listening to that song again, decided we needed a more fun one on guitar. Jacqueline has plenty of great riffs throughout and even though it's the last song of the pack, it's a banger of an album opener. I'm also thankful that I changed the charting of the guitar chords in the Cheating On You chorus to be WAY less awkward. However, the rapid strumming solo in 40' is still pretty tricky; feel free to make that a strum lane if you convert it to RB3.

Classic Rock 01
Let It All Out - Ram Jam
Drivin' Wheel - Foghat
Shinin' On - Grand Funk Railroad

It's about time I did a full Classic Rock variety pack. All three songs are great fun on guitar and pretty damn good on bass too. Lots of great HOPOs sections, fun chord sequences and generally just awesome Classic Rock tunes. My favourite is definitely Drivin' Wheel, even if it does have the easiest solo. The main riff feels so great to nail and whilst the DIY outro isn't my finest work, I'm proud of the chart overall.

Journey 01
Keep On Runnin'
Lay It Down
Dead Or Alive

Yup, three songs from Escape have been charted. We're a couple of steps closer to having that album fully charted, folks! To be honest, all three tracks are great on guitar and bass although Dead Or Alive is easily the most challenging on both. The main riff for that song is charted almost identically on guitar and bass but whilst guitar mostly uses strum notes, bass has HOPOs so you've got two ways of playing the same melody. However, Keep On Runnin' is my favourite song from the list and I definitely recommend that one if you want to hear some amazing vocals.

Four more packs are coming in July so get ready to experience these packs soon:

Monster Magnet 01
At The Movies 01
The Temperance Movement 01
Mixed Singles

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Here's some trivia and info about all the charts for July, which are now available to download on the first page:

Monster Magnet 01
19 Witches
Radiation Day

Yep, the band that did "Space Lord" had other songs too. Some great Stoner/Hard Rock in this pack, although there's not a whole lot of great bass so this pack is one for guitarists. Sweet riffs and some fun solos, particularly in Radiation Day. I also created a short DIY outro for that song too, as the album version I had led into the next track so there was no natural ending. I just copied a chord from earlier and popped it at the end with some reverb. I think 19 Witches also had a shorter outro with a chord to make it sound more like a proper ending.

At The Movies 01
Back In Time - Huey Lewis & The News
We Are Not Alone - Karla DeVito
Winner Takes It All - Sammy Hagar

Three semi-popular songs from 80s films: Back To The Future, The Breakfast Club and Over The Top. All of these have some great guitar charts, particularly Back In Time which has some excellent riffs and a sweet solo too. I'll admit that I probably charted some keys on guitar in We Are Not Alone, if only because the guitar is so buried in the mix that it's hard to tell what was guitar and keys there. I tried to be as accurate as possible but ultimately, it was a tough one to get right. Winner Takes It All actually has a bass solo (courtesy of a Mr. Eddie Van Halen!) so that one's fun on both instruments.
All three tracks have DIY outros that involve recycling either a bridge, the intro or the chorus at the end to make it sound more complete. I'm pretty happy with how Back In Time and Winner Takes It All turned out. We Are Not Alone........moving on!

The Temperance Movement 01
Caught In The Middle
Built-In Forgetter
Love And Devotion

If you haven't heard of this band before, I strongly recommend them! They have three great albums and all three of these tracks come from A Deeper Cut. Bass and guitar are decent on these tracks, nothing too challenging but lots of fun riffs and some cool solos too. Think The Black Crowes but slightly easier, if that helps. Built-In Forgetter is probably the most fun guitar chart of the bunch, although Caught In The Middle is probably my favourite song. Enjoy!

Mixed Singles - Destroy All Humans!

Help You Ann - Lyres
Dirty Red - The Morlocks
She Changes Like The Weather - Nic Armstrong & The Thieves

Did you guys know that Destroy All Humans!, the PS2 game where you play as an alien trying to invade the planet in the 1950s, is being remade and released in just two days? Well, if you didn't, you do now! To celebrate the remake of this great little game, I decided to chart three songs from the sequel, Destroy All Humans! 2 (the game that took place in, get this, the 1960s!!). Help You Ann has some fun guitar solos but also a main riff with a lot of tremolo, resulting in a charting challenge that I hope I successfully pulled off in a fun but somewhat accurate way. Dirty Red is easily my favourite song and chart of the bunch, with its raw riffs and excellent little guitar solo.
She Changes Like The Weather is pretty easy and uneventful on guitar, although it's great for beginners and there's a neat bass solo in the outro too. If you ever played Destroy All Humans! 2 and enjoyed the soundtrack, I hope you like these charts!

Back to the usual schedule of chart releases for August so get ready for the following packs:

Punk Rock 01
The Sword 01
Blue Oyster Cult 01 (a 6-pack of deep cuts)

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How deep we talking here? B)

Varying depths. One song is Boorman The Chauffeur, a track recorded during the Secret Treaties sessions that was only released on a 2004 remaster. Another is Golden Age Of Leather, a fan favourite the band still play live but was never released as a single.

I'm doing one song from different albums so there'll be something from their self-titled debut, Tyranny and Mutation, Agents Of Fortune and Fire Of Unknown Origin too.


This was already in the database, are you releasing an alternate version or converting the previous?

Nah, same version but a different chart. I won't be converting it myself but if anyone else wants to play a different guitar/bass chart or convert it for the database under their own name, it's here for you to download.

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I'm doing one song from different albums so there'll be something from their self-titled debut, Tyranny and Mutation, Agents Of Fortune and Fire Of Unknown Origin too.

I can only hope some kind soul takes it upon themselves to convert them, because any songs from these albums are pretty amazing. Though I mostly just play Rock Band, I will occasionally play some Phaseshift just for your customs :D. So thank you!

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It's felt like a long month without posting anything here but it's finally time for the monthly breakdown of all the new charts:

Punk Rock 01
Jet Boy - New York Dolls
Love Song - The Damned
News Of The World - The Jam

Some surprisingly fun guitar charts in this pack, considering the genre. Every song has AT LEAST one guitar solo and whilst there's still a fair amount of chord strumming, there are some great riffs to enjoy in each track. Compared to other Punk songs, the bass isn't quite as active as other songs but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. Love Song has a thick & juicy bassline that you could bounce a penny off and News Of The World (a song that may sound very familiar to fans of comical UK news-based panel shows) should give bassists something to get stuck into.

The Sword 01
Hammer Of Heaven
Daughter Of Dawn
The Dreamthieves

I'm not sure why Harmonix never licensed any songs by these guys after Guitar Hero 2, as their tracks are usually full of amazing guitar and bass perfect for 5-fret rhythm gaming. All of these songs contain banging HOPO riffs on both instruments and whilst the guitar charts contain solos with a variety of difficulties, the bass charts are perfect for anyone who wants to play the guitar riffs without challenging chord sequences or triplet sequences. The Dreamthieves contains a pretty nifty DIY outro I threw together too consisting of the second chorus and the pre-solo riffs too. Definitely a pack I recommend and there are still plenty of great Sword tunes to bring to C3 in the future...

Blue Oyster Cult 01

Boorman The Chauffeur
Hot Rails To Hell
Tattoo Vampire
Heavy Metal: The Black And Silver
Golden Age Of Leather

Are these cuts deep enough for you? Probably not, seeing as how Blue Oyster Cult still perform at least two of these live. It was difficult deciding on six songs to pick from a band with my all-time favourite guitarist but hopefully, there are at least a couple of songs in here that fans of their classics will also enjoy. Each track contains some fun guitar riffs although the easiest songs are probably Heavy Metal and Tattoo Vampire (bass on the latter is surprisingly challenging). Redeemed is perfect for fans of lengthy HOPO sequences whilst Boorman The Chauffeur and Hot Rails To Hell contain some fun little guitar solos.

No new Clone Hero charts for September as I wanted to take a little break from charting for a bit. I'll be back in October with new packs although some of you may be aware that I recently joined SomeOldGuys so if you like my charts but want to play them with a full band, keep an eye on this thread for some quality tunes!

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i'd make a thread like this, since I do Clone Hero charting with a friend, except I'm afraid our charts aren't that good :(

For what it's worth, nobody starts off charting perfectly and looking at some of the charts I made over a year ago (RHCP and Triumph in particular), I can see that some of my charts are pretty poor compared to others out there. Since I started posting on C3, I've come to realise that this community is very accepting of charters of all abilities. I say go for it, your charts probably aren't as bad as you think anyway.

Besides, you can always edit/improve them over time if necessary. However, you won't know if they need fixing unless you let other people try them!

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I've come to realise that this community is very accepting of charters of all abilities. I say go for it, your charts probably aren't as bad as you think anyway.

fair enough. suppose I'll start a thread then, thanks for the encouragement! :D

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I'm back and I see you lot have redecorated!
Oh well, here are some packs I've released so far this month!

Goth Rock 01
Preacher Man - Fields Of The Nephilim
Spiritwalker - The Cult
This Corrosion - The Sisters Of Mercy

Kicking off the month of October is a spoooooooky pack of Goth Rock tunes. Most of these are pretty easy on guitar and yet they're all surprisingly fun! Spiritwalker contains a series of simple riffs for beginners but if you like the song, you'll hopefully enjoy the chart! This Corrosion is the single edit (sorry, even I'm not touching the full 11 minute version) but the verse contains some fun acoustic HOPO sequences. However, if you're looking for something a bit more challenging, you'll be wanting Preacher Man.
There are several challenging riffs before the first riff alone and the slight changes in certain guitar patterns makes this a fiddly one to FC. However, all of these songs are classic Goth Rock tunes so if you're hankering for some haunting 80s Rock, I hope this pack quenches your thirst!

Saxon 02
Wheels Of Steel - Saxon
747 (Strangers In The Night) - Saxon
Stand Up And Be Counted - Saxon

That's right, my first 02 pack is of one of my all-time favourite bands: Saxon! To be honest, I'm surprised the first two songs haven't already been charted for C3 but the guitar and bass charts are finally here! All three songs are pretty easy on both instruments, to be honest. There are simplistic but fun chord sequences, a few neat little solos and some repetitive bass thudding throughout each track. Hopefully these three charts will bring us one step closer to seeing a fully charted Wheels Of Steel album in the database, as it's an amazing album for lovers of 80s Metal.

Rock Band 3 10th Anniversary Pack
Lady Writer - Dire Straits
Buried Alive By Love - HIM
Just Because - Jane's Addiction
Khashoggi's Ship - Queen
Hand In Glove - The Smiths
I Love To Boogie - T. Rex

Hey guys, did you know it's nearly 10 years to the day that Rock Band 3 was released? I'm not sure if it's come up anywhere on these forums or Discord. Anyway, here's my contribution to the momentous event; six songs by six different bands that were in the Rock Band 3 setlist. I've tried to go with a variety of bands but mostly just stuck to ones I could tolerate to chart. Anyway, here's my breakdown for each song:
Lady Writer contains some fuuuuuuuuun guitar. Anyone familiar with this song (or even Sultans Of Swing) will know that Knopfler don't joke about on guitar when it comes to outro solos. This commences entry 1 on "Songs I'm Surprised Weren't Licensed for GH/RB".
I'm not really into HIM but I do like me some Buried Alive By Love. Some fun chord sequences in the chorus and a surprisingly great outro solo, although there's not a lot going on on bass. Here's entry 2 in the aforementioned "Songs I'm Surprised Weren't Licensed for GH/RB".
Just Because is easily my favourite chart of the pack. I know I'm biased but I love playing this on guitar. The HOPO riffs in the chorus are great fun and I hope you'll agree that the chord patterns in the verses are pretty good too. Anyway, enough patting myself on the back. This is entry 3 on Running Joke 1.
Khashoggi's Ship is a Queen deep cut off the same album as I Want It All so you can expect some quality Arena Rock riffing here. It's a short tune but there are some neat little HOPO riffs dotted throughout. I charted this one because it's one of the few Queen songs I love that hasn't currently been charted. I recommend giving it a listen!
I like to think that I've done a solid job in taking a song with approximately 2 guitar riffs throughout the entire track and making it sort of fun on guitar. This chart's definitely one for people who like the song but if you're indifferent to it (or just can't stand Morrissey's warbling)...well, there are 5 other great tunes!
I Love To Boogie is the final song of the pack and it's a good 'un! Guitar was pretty tricky to chart at times due to the song's audio mix but I'm proud of what I produced, not to mention the nifty little DIY outro at the end. However, if you liked the charts for Jeepster and Ride A White Swan, I recommend giving this one a go. This concludes my current list of entries for "Songs I'm Surprised Weren't Licensed for GH/RB".

Well, that was a mouthful, huh. Anyway, I've got some great packs coming for November:

Video Games 02
Cheap Trick 01
Modern Rock 01
Black Star Riders 01

Plus, there's one more 3-pack coming before the end of this month so I'll be back again in a week's time.
I'll give you a clue. It's more Saxon.

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  • IaSg14 changed the title to IaSg14 Clone Hero customs - RB3 10th Anniversary Pack, Saxon, Goth Rock
4 hours ago, IaSg14 said:

This Corrosion - The Sisters Of Mercy
Hand In Glove - The Smiths

Ugh. I would cry happy tears if these were RB customs. 

It's cool seeing someone else appreciate these two songs though!👍😀

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Hope you all had a great Halloween!
Here's one more pack for you...well, a pack extension.

Saxon 02....again
Never Surrender - Saxon
Power And The Glory '02 - Saxon
I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive - Saxon

I've added three more Saxon tracks to Saxon 02, as it was always meant to be a 6-pack but I realised Rock Band 3 was turning 10 so decided to do a 6-pack for that instead. Whilst the first half of Saxon 02 features three of the band's singles off Wheels Of Steel, these three were my personal picks chosen to have some fun guitar. First up is Never Surrender, a great track off Denim And Leather with a cracking guitar solo and a DIY outro that works quite well.
Next is Power And The Glory '02. This is a rerecording of the song from the compilation album Heavy Metal Thunder released in 2002. I've previously gone on record as saying Saxon are one of the few bands I believe have improved with age and this track serves as exhibit A for that claim. The riffs are all there, the solo is beefed up a bit and most importantly, Biff Byford still sounds fantastic on vocals. Finally, the easiest track of the pack; I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive).
This is the album version, not the single edit with Lemmy and other vocalists doing guest work. It's a relatively modern track from the band but it still stands toe to toe with some of their 80s material, in my opinion. It should be noted that these charts do have a lot of tap notes and extended sustains overall so they'll need some editing before they're Rock Band friendly. However, if you also play on Clone Hero, they are 100% good to go!

Next week is Video Game Singles 02, featuring some Keys charts and plenty of fun guitar patterns!

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  • IaSg14 changed the title to IaSg14 Clone Hero customs - Video Game Singles, Cheap Trick

Time for another quick update!

Video Game Singles 02
Al's Toy Barn - Andy Blythe & Marten Joustra
Fighting Johnny Vincent - Shawn Lee
Megamix Mania - Nicolas Tremblay

Here are 3 catchy video game tunes spanning 11 years (and four console generations). Al's Toy Barn is the Country tune from the surprisingly fun 3D collectathon, Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue. There are some great guitar licks in this chart and instead of bass, I've charted Keys. In other words, if you want to play the violin, harmonica and piano solo in this tune, I've got you covered! Next up is the Blues Rock battle theme Fighting Johnny Vincent from Bully/Canis Canem Edit. There are a couple of nifty little guitar solos in this track, although the bass is pretty repetitive.
Finally, there's post-apocalyptic rocker Megamix Mania from Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. The guitar chart is pretty damn challenging but incredibly fun if you can nail the solo shredding and tricky riffs. I've also chosen to do Keys over Bass in this chart, although there's not a lot going on in the Keys chart; just a few short but intense sections of sweeping tap notes. For Clone Hero players, I've also included a Guitar Coop chart that blends Guitar and Keys for those wanting an extra challenge.

Cheap Trick 01
California Man - Cheap Trick
He's A Whore - Cheap Trick
Way Of The World - Cheap Trick

Well it's about damn time we had a bit more Cheap Trick. California Man is probably the most fun on guitar with it's verse shuffle, chorus riffs and a great little solo. He's A Whore is a fan favourite but somewhat of a deep cut. There's some fantastic bass in the intro and the guitar gets progressively more challenging throughout (like all fun charts, in my opinion!). Finally, there's the Synth Pop Rocker, Way Of The World. Despite the lack of a guitar solo and a more commercial sound, the guitar riffs in the verse and chorus aren't too bad. If you like their Power Pop sound, I recommend all of these tracks! If you like their At Budokan recordings, I probably recommend the first two.

Next week: Nothing.
Two weeks from now: Modern Rock 01 and Black Star Riders 01!

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Yes, thank you so much for the Cheap Trick pack!  Their rendition of California Man is awesome, and He's A Whore is one of my absolute favorite Cheap Trick songs.  (Of course Way Of The World is great too.)  Can't wait to play them!

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