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The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project - New Release: "With The Beatles Revisited"

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Welcome to the next pack released by The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project Team, this time, we are going back and revisiting the album that inspired one of our earliest packs, to bring you “With th

Welcome to another single release by The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project. We would like to dedicate this release to TheSheepQueen, who is a long-time friend of the multiple members of the team. S

Now that’s what I want (WHAT I WANT)

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How does one go about modding without ruining their console too much? Looked into it & its 50/50. I just really want to have these Beatles songs on my TBRB game.

Depends on the console. To my understanding, some consoles are modded just by installing a custom firmware, but a regular firmware can be later reinstalled if you want to go back, so you are not really ruining everything.

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How aboout we just convert all of these to RB3 because RB3 is better?

I think someone has already planned that, including adding Pro Keys where applicable, but I think that it's not trivial to convert them.

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How aboout we just convert all of these to RB3 because RB3 is better?

The point of this project is more continuing the legacy of The Beatles Rock Band by putting our own love into the creation of new charts and dreamscapes for the game. Charting the songs is not enough, it's more the full experience. Playing these songs in The Beatles Rock Band and Rock Band 3 is not the same experience.

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bro, i puted it in my usb but i cant see the dlc on the game! :((

Getting TBRB content to play is not the same process as RB3 content, you can not use RBtoUSB and have it work. Our content is in the LIVE file format, which can not be read by unmodded 360s. This is because TBRB can not read the CON format, the game was never built to in the first place.

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I can't play any of these because I don't want to mod my Xbox, but I dig watching the dreamscape videos, and this project is fantastic all around.

IMO, The Beatles Rock Band was probably the best thing HMX ever did, so I'm happy to see you keeping the spirit of it alive with some new content.

Well done, guys!

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I bought a modded xbox 360 online just to install these and it was well worth it. Excellent work, team! You have brought new life into a game that I had not touched in many years and may have never touched again. Excited to see what is coming next...

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Welcome to another release by The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project. We have a very special release for you this time around, as not only does it represent the first album that we have completed in full, but it also marks over 100 songs playable in The Beatles Rock Band when including on-disk tracks and the previously released Harmonix DLC.


One addition to this pack you may notice is the availability of Rock Band 3 versions. While this will not be the case for every song, we have toyed around with the idea a few times, and decided that this would be the perfect time for them to make their debut. This not only grants people who lack the hardware required to play customs in The Beatles Rock Band with the chance to play the songs we’re releasing, but the releases will also feature full RB3 functionality, including variations on the note-charts to better match Rock Band 3 functionality, Pro Keyboard support and custom Rock Band 3 venues (with some even having a few more bonuses like Pro Guitar in some cases!)


Introducing “Revolver”

Album Trailer: https://streamable.com/sxafoq


We are kicking things off with a darker start as we hear the story of “Eleanor Rigby”.

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/aa24kj


If “Rain” marked the start of the Beatles transformation into a more experimental band, “Eleanor Rigby” solidified it. With its ear catching string quartet, and bleak lyrics covering subjects such as death, loneliness and depression, the song was far from what listeners expected from traditional Beatles songs, letting the listener know that they were about to experience a new phase of The Beatles.



TBRB Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f2973218ed5c8.90435536

RB3 Download (Orange Harrison): http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/eleanor-rigby-r13184


Don’t get out of bed yet though, as following up is “I’m Only Sleeping”

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/afm77g


Written as a response to Paul frequently waking John up in the afternoon to work on new material, “I’m Only Sleeping” has a somewhat “dreamy” feel intended to make the listener feel drowsy, using techniques such as playing parts of the song backwards to give the song a lethargic feel.



TBRB Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29722a04df17.49739474

RB3 Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29716d2dcf17.48929503


Next, we'll be leaving the traditional western music scene and dive into "Love You To"

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/67x04l


Love You To” shows us The Beatles first attempt at recording a full song in a more traditional Indian music style, which was very quickly becoming a growing major interest for George. Using instruments such as the Sitar and Tabla, if the previous songs didn’t let fans know they weren’t in for something vastly different from previous albums, they knew now.


TBRB Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f297323af90e6.40314331

RB3 Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29716ee41246.84146063


Don’t get too lost though, as we very quickly find ourselves return to back to the western sound with “Here There and Everywhere”.

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/ugtit6


Written by Paul while waiting for John to wake up, the song quickly became a favorite of the band at the time, with Paul, John and George Martin all citing it as one of their favorite songs in the bands discography. Inspired by The Beach Boys, the track draws a heavy influence from “Pet Sounds” which at the time was experiencing a very mixed reaction to its release. Similar to Pet Sounds, the song received a mixed reaction from critics when released, with some claiming it to be the peak of “the bands love songs” and a new standard for music, while others feeling that the song was out of place on the album and seemed “dated”.


TBRB Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f2972290ce2b5.20589040

RB3 Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29716c53bb29.54451456


I didn’t quite catch that, what was that “She Said She Said?”

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/ekm5ec


“She Said, She Said” was conceived during an acid trip, when John heard actor Peter Fonda say “I know what it’s like to be dead”. The lyric “You’re making me feel like I’ve never been born” immediately came to John afterwards, and work began shortly after. Unusually for a Beatles song, Paul did not play on this track, likely due to an argument over the song during the recording process.


TBRB Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f2972296c4ad4.18839733

RB3 Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29716f7c7146.09076901


Don’t fall asleep yet though, because it’s still a Good Day Sunshine!

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/zikbyd


Starting off our B Side, “Good Day Sunshine” kicks us right into gear with this track that celebrates the hot summer days in this homage to The Lovin’ Spoonful and their song “Daydream”, which inspired the “jazzy” sound and feel that runs throughout the track.


TBRB Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29722aaa0601.41159101

RB3 Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29716b259ae8.33716850


Next up, things take a turn when we head into For No One

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/vddipo


Capturing the feeling of the early days of a failing relationship, “For No One” shows a more mature side of The Beatles library, with lyrics evoking the feeling of loneliness and emptiness that comes along with the twilight of a relationship.


TBRB Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f297322259aa2.08087055

RB3 Download (Orange Harrison): http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/c3-0449-r348



Feeling sick? Whatever you do, don’t call Doctor Robert!

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/m51e50


“Doctor Robert” chronicles the band’s experimentation with various drugs during the Revolver era, with the lyrics containing multiple references to drug culture at the time. While the existence of a “Real Doctor Robert” has never been confirmed by the band, many believe that the song is written in reference to an infamous New York doctor who gained a reputation with celebrities for providing drugs, while others believe it could be a reference to the band’s dentist, who allegedly introduced them to LSD.


TBRB Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29732053cf38.48785286

RB3 Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29716a7ef0a9.90240635


Hold up, I Want To Tell You all about this release! (I’m sorry)

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/agii5a


Written by George, “I Want To Tell You” was inspired by his experimentations with LSD, and the thoughts he was experiencing when undergoing trips using the drug. The song also marks the first time that George contributed more than two songs to an album, showcasing his growth and increase in confidence as a song writer.


TBRB Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f297320e15f78.28976133

RB3 Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29716e4546f6.89226764


A Full Revolver album pack? Wow, I’ve Got To Get You Into My Life

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/s3keed


The second song that was recorded for Revolver, “Get To Get You Into My Life” draws heavy inspiration from the Motown scene, and (seeing a theme here?) was written after Paul tried marijuana for the first time, with the “you” in the song referring to the drug.


TBRB Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29722851cc06.68637599

RB3 Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29716c0d8384.05204253


What’s releasing after this pack? Well, Tomorrow Never Knows!

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/ykt3n4


Despite being the closing track of the album, “Tomorrow Never Knows” was the first song recorded for Revolver and set the tone that would go on to define the Revolver sound. The song draws heavy inspiration from “The Psychedelic Experience”, with most of the lyrics coming directly from the book. TBRB fans will be somewhat familiar with this track, as a remixed version from the LOVE album is available on disc, however, this release now marks the original version as playable in game.


TBRB Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f29732301de45.69881288

RB3 Download: http://dl.c3universe.com/5f297170569a01.42930189


We hope this pack was worth the wait! I would also like to take this chance to welcome Kandie and Kueller into the team. We’ve reached over 30 songs released since we announced this project at the end of last year, and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon.


As always, to follow development on future content, interact with others playing TBRB and receive support with playing TBRB Customs, along with accessing the PS3 versions, we highly recommend joining the Discord that we set up for the project, so if you want some fun, join over at https://discord.gg/XM9gexj.

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Thank you so much I was worried you not going to release them anymore


I learnt a long time ago that customs take a while and we just have to be patient. After all it's just a hobby for most and sometimes life gets in the way.

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