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Sr.Moog's Customs * Updated 12/29/2019: Stadium Arcadium 3-Pack *

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#1 Sr.Moog

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Posted December 23, 2019 - 11:06 PM

Hello, everybody! After some time doing different songs, I decided to upload some of the ones I already did and the collaborations with other authors.

You'll find all the songs I've been doing in alphabetical order by artists, I hope I can increase the amount of songs uploaded much more!

Arctic Monkeys:

  • "If You Found This, It's Probably Too Late": A b-side for 2007's "Brianstorm", this short song kicks off with a strings intro, and then turns into one minute of the loudest, angriest and hardest-rocking punk song the band ever did. It's not hugely well known but it's a fan favorite, and an entertaining minute for sure.





  • "Cornerstone": was a single, and to this day remains a live staple of the band's shows, it was featured in every show on their latest tour. Alex Turner told Uncut Magazine that he wrote this breezy love song about meeting girls in pubs who remind him of the one he's trying to forget, "one morning, quite quickly." He added: "There's something to be said for writing in the morning. At other points in the day you're a bit more defensive. I saw it as a challenge to write something in a major key, but that wasn't cheesy."




  • "Fire And The Thud": a very personal and raw song about Turner's then-girlfriend Alexa Chong. In fact, it was so personal that Turner initially didn't want to sing it, recording a version with Alison Mosshart singing lead instead, but eventually decided to "grow up" and record it himself. Mosshart still sings backing vocals in it.




Red Hot Chili Peppers:


  • "Desecration Smile": This is the 4th single from "Stadium Arcadium", an essentially acoustic song with different electric phrases that add feelings to the song. Anthony says that the lyrics are inspired by Heather and that in the lyrics he tries to channel thoughts, images and ideas of what happened with her or in previous relationships. Thanks to Yaniv297 for various corrections!



  • "Torture Me": Perhaps the most powerful song in "Stadium Arcadium"? Maybe, probably, yeah. An incredible song that maintains an explosive energy throughout the song that in a brief impasse leads to an unbridled solo. Thanks to nsw1-6 for tempo map and drums and Yaniv297 for various corrections and keys!



  • "Death Of A Martian": The end of "Stadium Arcadium" can not have another epic that concludes in a better way the album. The guitar stands out (once again) with an outro that begins with a guitar filled with chorus taking it to an extraterrestrial sound and that concludes with an epic solo with an Anthony reciting a poem that according to him, he took from a book of poems and that he wanted to make it sound as strange as possible. As for the lyrics of the song, it is influenced by the death of Flea's dog as they considered her "a pillar of love, happiness and strength". Thanks to Atruejedi for harmonies and various corrections!


#2 Atruejedi

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Posted December 25, 2019 - 07:52 PM

Awesome releases! I look forward to many more :)

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#3 yaniv297

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Posted December 26, 2019 - 11:18 AM

Congrats on the thread! It's been great working with you. He helped a lot on the Bowie "Low" tunes and a few more.

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#4 Sr.Moog

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Posted December 29, 2019 - 05:08 PM



Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium 3-Pack

Thanks to Atruejedi, nsw1-6 and Yaniv297!

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