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Complete list of Rock Band 1/2 practice sections

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Useful for Rock Band 2 customs/conversions, and there are some that may even be useful for Rock Band 3 customs.


Note that this info is from the locale.dta file from the game, perhaps using a tag not included in the game may work (for example, a "bass_streak" section event may generate a "Bass Groove" section). Also there are several that are exclusive to The Beatles: Rock Band.



intro "Intro"
intro_a "Intro a"
intro_b "Intro b"
intro_c "Intro c"
intro_d "Intro d"
intro_e "Intro e"
intro_slow "Intro slow"
intro_fast "Intro fast"
intro_heavy "Intro heavy"
intro_heavy_a "Intro heavy a"
intro_heavy_b "Intro heavy b"
quiet_intro "Quiet intro"
noise_intro "Noise intro"
drum_intro "Drum intro"
bass_intro "Bass intro"
vocal_intro "Vocal intro"
gtr_intro "Gtr intro"
gtr_intro_a "Gtr intro a"
gtr_intro_b "Gtr intro b"
gtr_intro_c "Gtr intro c"
gtr_intro_d "Gtr intro d"
gtr_intro_e "Gtr intro e"
aco_gtr_intro "Aco Gtr intro"
violin_intro "Violin intro"
strings_intro "Strings intro"
orch_intro "Orch intro"
horn_intro "Horn intro"
harmonica_intro "Harmonica intro"
organ_intro "Organ intro"
piano_intro "Piano intro"
kybd_intro "Kybd intro"
intro_hook "Intro hook"
intro_riff "Intro riff"
intro_riff_a "Intro riff a"
intro_riff_b "Intro riff b"
intro_riff_c "Intro riff c"
drums_enter "Drums enter"
bass_enters "Bass enters"
gtr_enters "Gtr enters"
rhy_enters "Gtr2 enters"
band_enters "Band enters"
kick_it "Kick It!"


Foreplay/Long Time
foreplay_intro "Foreplay intro"
longtome_intro "Long Time intro"


intro_verse "Intro verse"
intro_verse_a "Intro verse a"
verse_1 "Verse 1"
verse_1a "Verse 1a"
verse_1b "Verse 1b"
verse_1c "Verse 1c"
verse_1d "Verse 1d"
verse_1e "Verse 1e"
verse_1f "Verse 1f"
verse_2 "Verse 2"
verse_2a "Verse 2a"
verse_2b "Verse 2b"
verse_2c "Verse 2c"
verse_2d "Verse 2d"
verse_2e "Verse 2e"
verse_2f "Verse 2f"
verse_3 "Verse 3"
verse_3a "Verse 3a"
verse_3b "Verse 3b"
verse_3c "Verse 3c"
verse_3d "Verse 3d"
verse_3e "Verse 3e"
verse_3f "Verse 3f"
verse_4 "Verse 4"
verse_4a "Verse 4a"
verse_4b "Verse 4b"
verse_4c "Verse 4c"
verse_4d "Verse 4d"
verse_5 "Verse 5"
verse_5a "Verse 5a"
verse_5b "Verse 5b"
verse_5c "Verse 5c"
verse_5d "Verse 5d"
verse_6 "Verse 6"
verse_6a "Verse 6a"
verse_6b "Verse 6b"
verse_6c "Verse 6c"
verse_6d "Verse 6d"
verse_7 "Verse 7"
verse_7a "Verse 7a"
verse_7b "Verse 7b"
verse_7c "Verse 7c"
verse_7d "Verse 7d"
verse_8 "Verse 8"
verse_8a "Verse 8a"
verse_8b "Verse 8b"
verse_8c "Verse 8c"
verse_8d "Verse 8d"
verse_9 "Verse 9"
verse_9a "Verse 9a"
verse_9b "Verse 9b"
verse_9c "Verse 9c"
verse_9d "Verse 9d"
preverse_1 "Pre-verse 1"
preverse_2 "Pre-verse 2"
preverse_3 "Pre-verse 3"
preverse_4 "Pre-verse 4"
preverse_5 "Pre-verse 5"
postverse_1 "Post-verse 1"
postverse_2 "Post-verse 2"
postverse_3 "Post-verse 3"
postverse_4 "Post-verse 4"
postverse_5 "Post-verse 5"
quiet_verse "Quiet verse"


chorus "Chorus"
chorus_1 "Chorus 1"
chorus_1a "Chorus 1a"
chorus_1b "Chorus 1b"
chorus_1c "Chorus 1c"
chorus_1d "Chorus 1d"
chorus_2 "Chorus 2"
chorus_2a "Chorus 2a"
chorus_2b "Chorus 2b"
chorus_2c "Chorus 2c"
chorus_3 "Chorus 3"
chorus_3a "Chorus 3a"
chorus_3b "Chorus 3b"
chorus_3c "Chorus 3c"
chorus_4 "Chorus 4"
chorus_4a "Chorus 4a"
chorus_4b "Chorus 4b"
chorus_4c "Chorus 4c"
chorus_5 "Chorus 5"
chorus_5a "Chorus 5a"
chorus_5b "Chorus 5b"
chorus_5c "Chorus 5c"
chorus_6 "Chorus 6"
chorus_6a "Chorus 6a"
chorus_6b "Chorus 6b"
chorus_6c "Chorus 6c"
chorus_7 "Chorus 7"
chorus_7a "Chorus 7a"
chorus_7b "Chorus 7b"
chorus_7c "Chorus 7c"
chorus_8 "Chorus 8"
chorus_8a "Chorus 8a"
chorus_8b "Chorus 8b"
chorus_8c "Chorus 8c"
chorus_9 "Chorus 9"
chorus_9a "Chorus 9a"
chorus_9b "Chorus 9b"
chorus_9c "Chorus 9c"
chorus_break "Chorus break"
prechorus_1 "Pre-chorus 1"s
prechorus_2 "Pre-chorus 2"
prechorus_3 "Pre-chorus 3"
prechorus_4 "Pre-chorus 4"
prechorus_5 "Pre-chorus 5"
postchorus_1 "Post-chorus 1"
postchorus_2 "Post-chorus 2"
postchorus_3 "Post-chorus 3"
postchorus_4 "Post-chorus 4"
postchorus_5 "Post-chorus 5"


gtr_solo "Gtr solo"
gtr_solo_a "Gtr solo a"
gtr_solo_b "Gtr solo b"
gtr_solo_c "Gtr solo c"
gtr_solo_d "Gtr solo d"
gtr_solo_e "Gtr solo e"
gtr_solo_f "Gtr solo f"
gtr_solo_g "Gtr solo g"
gtr_solo_h "Gtr solo h"
gtr_solo_i "Gtr solo i"
gtr_solo_j "Gtr solo j"
gtr_solo_k "Gtr solo k"
gtr_solo_l "Gtr solo l"
gtr_solo_m "Gtr solo m"
gtr_solo_n "Gtr solo n"
gtr_solo_o "Gtr solo o"
gtr_solo_p "Gtr solo p"
gtr_solo_q "Gtr solo q"
gtr_solo_r "Gtr solo r"
gtr_solo_s "Gtr solo s"
gtr_solo_1 "Gtr solo 1"
gtr_solo_1a "Gtr solo 1a"
gtr_solo_1b "Gtr solo 1b"
gtr_solo_1c "Gtr solo 1c"
gtr_solo_1d "Gtr solo 1d"
gtr_solo_1e "Gtr solo 1e"
gtr_solo_1f "Gtr solo 1f"
gtr_solo_1g "Gtr solo 1g"
gtr_solo_1h "Gtr solo 1h"
gtr_solo_2 "Gtr solo 2"
gtr_solo_2a "Gtr solo 2a"
gtr_solo_2b "Gtr solo 2b"
gtr_solo_2c "Gtr solo 2c"
gtr_solo_2d "Gtr solo 2d"
gtr_solo_2e "Gtr solo 2e"
gtr_solo_2f "Gtr solo 2f"
gtr_solo_2g "Gtr solo 2g"
gtr_solo_2h "Gtr solo 2h"
gtr_solo_2i "Gtr solo 2i"
gtr_solo_2j "Gtr solo 2j"
gtr_solo_2k "Gtr solo 2k"
gtr_solo_2l "Gtr solo 2l"
gtr_solo_2m "Gtr solo 2m"
gtr_solo_2n "Gtr solo 2n"
gtr_solo_3 "Gtr solo 3"
gtr_solo_3a "Gtr solo 3a"
gtr_solo_3b "Gtr solo 3b"
gtr_solo_3c "Gtr solo 3c"
gtr_solo_3d "Gtr solo 3d"
gtr_solo_3e "Gtr solo 3e"
gtr_solo_4 "Gtr solo 4"
gtr_solo_4a "Gtr solo 4a"
gtr_solo_4b "Gtr solo 4b"
gtr_solo_4c "Gtr solo 4c"
gtr_solo_4d "Gtr solo 4d"
gtr_solo_4e "Gtr solo 4e"
gtr_solo_5 "Gtr solo 5"
gtr_solo_5a "Gtr solo 5a"
gtr_solo_5b "Gtr solo 5b"
gtr_solo_5c "Gtr solo 5c"
gtr_solo_6 "Gtr solo 6"
gtr_solo_7 "Gtr solo 7!"
gtr_solo_8 "Gtr solo 8!!"
gtr_solo_9 "Gtr solo 9!!!"
slide_solo_1 "Slide solo 1"
slide_solo_2 "Slide solo 2"
drum_solo "Drum solo"
drum_solo_a "Drum solo a"
drum_solo_b "Drum solo b"
drum_solo_c "Drum solo c"
drum_solo_1 "Drum solo 1"
drum_solo_2 "Drum solo 2"
drum_solo_3 "Drum solo 3"
bass_solo "Bass solo"
bass_solo_a "Bass solo a"
bass_solo_b "Bass solo b"
bass_solo_c "Bass solo c"
bass_solo_1 "Bass solo 1"
bass_solo_2 "Bass solo 2"
bass_solo_3 "Bass solo 3"
organ_solo "Organ solo"
organ_solo_a "Organ solo a"
organ_solo_b "Organ solo b"
organ_solo_c "Organ solo c"
organ_solo_1 "Organ solo 1"
organ_solo_2 "Organ solo 2"
piano_solo "Piano solo"
piano_solo_1 "Piano solo 1"
piano_solo_2 "Piano solo 2"
keyboard_solo "Keyboard solo"
noise_solo "Noise solo"
synth_solo "Synth solo"
harmonica_solo "Harmonica solo"
sax_solo "Sax solo"
horn_solo "Horn solo"


drum_roll "Drum roll"
drum_roll_1 "Drum roll 1"
drum_roll_2 "Drum roll 2"
ah "Ah!"
yeah "Yeah!"
yeah! "Yeah!!!"
oohs "Oohs and Ahs"
prayer "Prayer"
slow_part "Slow part"
fast_part "Fast part"
spacey "Spacey"
very_spacey "Very spacey"
quiet_part "Quiet part"
quiet_part_1 "Quiet part 1"
quiet_part_2 "Quiet part 2"
loud_part "Loud part"
loud_part_1 "Loud part 1"
loud_part_2 "Loud part 2"
hvy_part "Hvy part"
trippy_part "Trippy part"
wam-bam "Wam-Bam"
gtr_lead "Gtr lead"
gtr_lead_1 "Gtr lead 1"
gtr_lead_2 "Gtr lead 2"
gtr_lead_3 "Gtr lead 3"
fast_picking "Fast picking"
bridge "Bridge"
bridge_a "Bridge a"
bridge_b "Bridge b"
bridge_c "Bridge c"
bridge_d "Bridge d"
bridge_1 "Bridge 1"
bridge_1a "Bridge 1a"
bridge_1b "Bridge 1b"
bridge_2 "Bridge 2"
bridge_2a "Bridge 2a"
bridge_2b "Bridge 2b"
bridge_2c "Bridge 2c"
bridge_3 "Bridge 3"
bridge_3a "Bridge 3a"
bridge_3b "Bridge 3b"
bridge_3c "Bridge 3c"
bridge_4 "Bridge 4"
bridge_4a "Bridge 4a"
bridge_4b "Bridge 4b"
bridge_4c "Bridge 4c"
break "Break"
break_a "Break a"
break_b "Break b"
break_1 "Break 1"
break_1a "Break 1a"
break_1b "Break 1b"
break_2 "Break 2"
break_2a "Break 2a"
break_2b "Break 2b"
breakdown "Breakdown"
sctrach_break "Scratch break"
scratch_break_1 "Scratch break 1"
scratch_break_2 "Scratch break 2"
organ_break "Organ break"
synth_break "Synth break"
horn_break "Horn break"
jam "Jam"
jam_a "Jam a"
jam_b "Jam b"
jam_c "Jam c"
space_jam "Space jam"
gtr_break "Gtr break"
gtr_break_1 "Gtr break 1"
gtr_break_2 "Gtr break 2"
gtr_break_3 "Gtr break 3"
gtr_break_4 "Gtr break 4"
gtr_fill "Gtr fill"
gtr_fills "Gtr fills"
gtr_hook "Gtr hook"
gtr_hook_1 "Gtr hook 1"
gtr_hook_2 "Gtr hook 2"
gtr_hook_3 "Gtr hook 3"
gtr_melody "Gtr melody"
gtr_mel_1 "Gtr melody 1"
gtr_mel_2 "Gtr melody 2"
gtr_mel_3 "Gtr melody 3"
gtr_line "Gtr line"
gtr_line_1 "Gtr line 1"
gtr_line_2 "Gtr line 2"
gtr_line_3 "Gtr line 3"
gtr_lick "Gtr lick"
gtr_lick_1 "Gtr lick 1"
gtr_lick_2 "Gtr lick 2"
gtr_lick_3 "Gtr lick 3"
gtr_lick_4 "Gtr lick 4"
gtr_ostinato "Gtr ostinato"
hook "Hook"
hook_1 "Hook 1"
hook_2 "Hook 2"
hook_3 "Hook 3"
chant_1 "Chant 1"
chant_2 "Chant 2"
chant_3 "Chant 3"
vocal_break "Vocal break"
vocal_break_1 "Vocal break 1"
vocal_break_2 "Vocal break 2"
vocal_break_3 "Vocal break 3"
buildup "Build up"
speedup "Speed up"
speedup_a "Speed up a"
speedup_b "Speed up b"
slow_part "Slow part"
slow_part_a "Slow part a"
slow_part_b "Slow part b"
noise_build "Noise build"
release "Release"
melody_1 "Melody 1"
melody_2 "Melody 2"
lo_melody "Low melody"
hi_melody "High melody"


main_riff "Main riff"
main_riff_1 "Main riff 1"
main_riff_2 "Main riff 2"
main_riff_3 "Main riff 3"
main_riff_4 "Main riff 4"
main_riff_5 "Main riff 5"
main_riff_6 "Main riff 6"
main_riff_7 "Main riff 7"
verse_riff "Verse riff"
verse_riff_1 "Verse riff 1"
verse_riff_2 "Verse riff 2"
verse_riff_3 "Verse riff 3"
chorus_riff "Chorus riff"
chorus_riff_1 "Chorus riff 1"
chorus_riff_2 "Chorus riff 2"
chorus_riff_3 "Chorus riff 3"
gtr_riff_1 "Gtr riff 1"
gtr_riff_1a "Gtr riff 1a"
gtr_riff_1b "Gtr riff 1b"
gtr_riff_2 "Gtr riff 2"
gtr_riff_2a "Gtr riff 2a"
gtr_riff_2b "Gtr riff 2b"
gtr_riff_3 "Gtr riff 3"
gtr_riff_3a "Gtr riff 3a"
gtr_riff_3b "Gtr riff 3b"
gtr_riff "Gtr riff"
bass_riff "Bass riff"
big_riff_1 "Big riff 1"
big_riff_2 "Big riff 2"
bigger_riff "Bigger riff"
swing_riff_1 "Swing riff 1"
swing_riff_2 "Swing riff 2"
swing_riff_3 "Swing riff 3"
swing_riff_4 "Swing riff 4"
chunky_riff_1 "Chunk riff 1"
chunky_riff_2 "Chunk riff 2"
odd_riff_1 "Odd riff 1"
odd_riff_2 "Odd riff 2"
odd_riff_3 "Odd riff 3"


outro "Outro"
outro_a "Outro a"
outro_b "Outro b"
outro_c "Outro c"
outro_d "Outro d"
outro_e "Outro e"
outro_solo "Outro solo"
outro_solo_a "Outro solo a"
outro_solo_b "Outro solo b"
outro_solo_c "Outro solo c"
ending "Ending"
big_rock_ending "Big Rock Ending!"

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