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Chart-a-thon Final Day, Final Release! C3 NYE Bash!

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And that's 2 out of 10 releases for me, POP IT UP PART 2!


Once again, please watch the trailer on Streamable (YouTube blocked it) HERE


And now, the 4 songs I got in store for this pack!




Don't lie, you too stan BTS. This is not even a guilty pleasure. With this funky sounding hit, the korean band and Halsey marked a great comeback for their new era!




This one is a nostalgic favorite of mine, it just takes me back, building marble tracks in my room with LEGOs, listening to that one french hit music radio. And while I still love me some LEGO building, I also still love me this song, it just gets me into that mood.




Some might call this song a lousy attempt at getting some queer people to buy her album, but it's clear that Taylor Swift is an LGBTQ+ ally, and this song is a good empowerment against all the internet trolls and overall people who don't think love is just love.




That's a fun and positive one for sure, this song doesn't have any hidden meaning, it really just is about having a nice day, when everything flows your way, so much that you want to gather your friends and slow walk in the streets of Shibuya!


All of the above authored by yours truly, TheSheepQueen


These songs are part of Chart-a-thon. If you download the songs, or if you enjoy my content, please consider making a donation at chartathon.com, all proceeds are donated directly to the American Cancer Society.

Next up is bsbloom who will surely overshadow this jolly bright pack, and I mean it, as there is a particular astronomical object that, from our eyes, overshadows the Sun.
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The Beatles Rock Band Customs? You probably said no, we said yes, you said stop, but we said go, go go! This is a little different to the standard Chart-a-thon release in that we aren’t releasing cust

... F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 ...

GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES Because you know it's time for DAYTOOOONAAAAAAAA! (And two other huge bangers)   Let's Go Away is often regarded as the title track to the cult game that is Daytona

Posted Images



Little by little, we are adding all the Pink Floyd songs to our game. The masterpiece album, The Dark Side of the Moon, was closest to completion. Of the ten songs on the album, seven were currently available with all instruments and harmonies. That left three to go:


Speak to Me. This is the one minute introduction to the album, and is simply sound effects, spooky laughter, and some conversation. Not suitable for charting.


Here are the remaining two songs:




Breathe (in the Air) is a Gilmour/Wright melody, often featured in their live performances, with simple lyrics written by Roger Waters.


Like most of the songs on the album, the track starts with an echo of the previous song, Speak to Me, and ends with a few bars from the next track. I edited those out of the audio.


You can download this here:




Later in the album, they did another version of this song, with no vocals, sometimes called Breathe (Second Reprise). On the album, it is called Any Colour You Like:




This was charted for some instruments by Sideshow (in a long version, combined with Us and Them). It now has all instruments.


Get your download here:




Darkside is now, essentially, C3 complete. Enjoy!


My final offering is another treat from The Division Bell. Eventually, I will get that entire album finished.




Download: http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/a-great-day-for-freedom-r24933


According to some sources, this song is about the departure of Roger Waters, and the Wall references mean their Wall album, mostly written by Waters.


Gilmour, himself, says this is all silly. The song is about the optimism and joy when the Berlin Wall fell, and the disillusionment that came later when it became apparent that little had really changed.


I am old enough to remember the Wall, and I visited Berlin in 1990. Seeing the remnants of this travesty was quite moving. I can't help but wonder what David Gilmour would make of our country's current effort to build an impenetrable Southern Berlin Wall.


Hope you are ready for some Floyd. And donate, PLEASE!


Next up: Even more MrPrezident. Does he ever get tired?


This time, we are getting grunge. I can't wait!

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Day 8 Slot 3: "Carry On My Wayward Daughter"




Get out of my House! The first track on the band's debut studio album, the song transforms the lowliest member of rock society, the groupie, into the ultimate anti-heroine, in spite of the abjected mother.


Authored by MrPrezident and AJFOne23.



Happy in Hell! From their landmark 1995 album Sparkle and Fade, it presents a stark and accurate account of heroin addiction. While the subject, Esther, was a fictional creation, the song is rumored to be about lead singer Art Alexakis's brother overdosing on heroin. He had overheard a policeman say "Just another overdose" about his brother's death, which became a lyric he used in the song.


Authored by MrPrezident.


Please donate! I have lots more coming this month, stay tuned.




Up next, some fantastic music from HighFlyingBirds and Yaniv297


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Hey again!

Today we bring a release from HighFlyingBirds, who sadly due to personal reasons cannot do the release himself. But he's done most of the work, while I've done keys, harmonies and other small matters. So we're happy to present:




We all know Alex Turner - the Arctic Monkeys frontman.

The Last Shadow Puppets are his ambitious side project with musician Miles Kane. Lush, symphonic, inspired by the likes of Scott Walker and David Bowie, this is quite different from your typical AM offering, and in my humble opinion - actually better.

"The Age of the Understatement" is the opening track, and the title track, from the band's debut album. It was hailed by Pitchfork as "Turner's most impressive album-length statement", and is widely loved by Turner and Kane fans. We're happy to bring this song to Rock Band, and I'm sure Arctic Monkeys fans - and general fans of rock music - will love it.




Up next - Buster66 will deliver 2 songs from one hard rocking band!

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Hey everyone! Deviating from my short history here of releasing old, obscure, Canadian music, my first contribution to this event is from a band that at least everyone should have heard of. Without further ado....drumroll....






Faith No More needs no introduction, so I won't do a big rundown of these songs. However, I will say a few things. Both songs are from their 1997 album 'Album of the Year'. I chose Ashes to Ashes because I love it and thought it would be a fun song to play on all instruments. Last Cup of Sorrow is memorable for me because of the excellent and bizarre video, which was an homage to Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo and starred Jennifer Jason Leigh (but of course I think it's fun to play too). Enjoy!



Next up: a song from an 80s artist who is a total teetotaler.

These songs are a part of Chart-a-thon. If you download these songs, or if you enjoy my content, please consider making a donation at http://chartathon.com. All proceeds are donated directly to the American Cancer Society.

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You again, you ask? Well, they wanted to know if I had anything from a decade that was heavy into synth pop and neon colors, and as it happened, I did.


Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes




Now, you'll swear this one was already in the official game or at LEAST already a custom, and you'll check and check and check, but you won't find it. But, you can add it to your collection today and start playing some Ant music. Surprisingly enough, since the music video indicated otherwise, Adam Ant wrote this song about himself as reporters would often be shocked to find out he was a teetotaler; lived a very clean life actually. So the reporters would say, "there must be something else" and thus, Goody Two Shoes was born.


I know you'll love this song, so why not mark it as part of your tally of songs from this event and consider giving at least the $10 minimum? (or donate $10.50 and download 7 songs guilt free!) It's all for helping the fight against cancer, through the Cancer Society, that so many of us have been effected by either directly or through our loved ones.


Song Count: 67


UP NEXT! Kloporte brings us an iconic tune from an iconic rocker we recently lost.

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Hey everyone! Here's my first contribution to Chart-a-thon:


Eddie Money - Baby Hold On





As you probably know, we lost Eddie Money just a few months ago to complications from esophageal cancer. Needless to say, it seemed fitting to feature this song in this event, and it's also a perfect candidate for a Rock Band 3 song: catchy, keys-heavy, with a three-part harmony.

Coincidentally, the Wikipedia page for Baby Hold On states that this song was featured in Rock Band 3, but I double and triple-checked, and I can assure you that it is not.

Consider donating if you liked and downloaded the song!


Song Count: 68


Next up is IMMCTNTJK with a couple songs by a punk rock band, but I won't tell you who!

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